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Nov 3, 2016

The North Wind Calls


Autumn is my favorite time of year. Around here trees are slowly shedding their leaves and turning our lawns a medley of golden yellow, rusty orange and bright red leaves. A truly gorgeous sight that makes you want to run inside and enjoy a huge mug of apple cider or soothing hot chocolate. The air, although still lovely, sometimes has a little nip in it lately. I know winter is just around the corner but I still appreciate this weather.  How I love Autumn!

Have you ever watched the movie "Chocolat"? Remember how the north wind called her and she would follow it where'ere it led? This time of year I hear similar callings, but for me it's my crochet hooks, sewing machine and now my palette knives as well. My kids have put in orders for hats and headbands already. So I've been buried in soft colorful yarn, creating something wonderful. 

This hat is for my littlest grandchild, Addison. I posted this picture on my Facebook page first. It's a peek into the hat before assembly. 

I'll bet you know what kind of hat this is going to be. That's right, it's My Little Pony. This is my second attempt at this hat and both have turned out nice. The pattern is by BriAbby Designs and I absolutely love this one. It's well written with enough photos to help you through if necessary. This pattern can also be made into a unicorn when following directions. It's magic! 

Here is the hat completed. Now it would have been easier to place the eyes, ears, etc. if I'd had a baby head foam shape, but a mini watermelon had to do!

A wine goblet for display. Not too shabby! ;-)

As you can see, it's a sunny day here in the 'Loops!

And a close up of the eye lashes. 

I wish I had a photo of Addison wearing the hat, but her birthday party is a couple of weeks away yet. In any case, I can strike this one off my list.

Done and ready!

I'm still purging as well. I recently took another load to the Salvation Army, and a few sleeping bags and sheets for my DIL, who asked for them. Having had four children, I know how nice it is to have extras on hand, but it's just me and the mister these days, with the exception of family and friends that visit...but I have enough.

Next I'm onto some headbands. 

Have a good weekend everyone,

Luke 12:15
And he said to them, "Take care and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."


  1. Carmen your hat is so cute! I love the curly mane! Do you think it would fit my head? Your g-daughter will love it!! Good work friend. My house could use some purging! Good job on that too!

    1. Hahaha! I would love one too! It's an adorable pattern and I think it includes an adult size! 😊

  2. Your hat is adorable! I bet she will love it!!! :)


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