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Oct 23, 2016

Old Buttons and Mom's Musings


On my FB page I shared a printable for Bingo Cards and said I would be doing something with them and showing you on my blog. 

Earlier this year we made several trips to the Island and cleaned out my in-laws house so they could sell it. On one of those trips I somehow inherited an old sewing box. It hadn't been used in years and smelled musty so I almost threw it all away. I decided to go through it and found a cache of old buttons. I washed them all several times and this is what I did with them.

When reading up on them they are either bakelite, celluloid, or casein buttons. Definitely vintage.

Some of these are Art Deco type buttons. I wish I had more of those. I just have to sew them all onto the cards. Fun to do while watching a bit of TV. I might sell them. I kinda love them though.********************************************Now for something a bit different! I came across a musing I wrote quite some time ago when my kids were younger. I decided to re-write some of it and share it with you in two parts. 
There is no title, it's really just the musings of a mom. 


I grew up in a European home, the eldest of three; one sister and one brother. As a child I remember crossing the street if a man or boy walked towards me, as I was quite shy. Maybe that is why God chose to bless me with a husband and four sons. Since then, my shyness of men is non-existent and I enjoy their company. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about men (boys) on the way

1. It’s okay to laugh when you’re not sure what to do. Some days it's the only thing to do,
2. It's better to take the small things with a grain of salt. 
3. You’ll never please everyone…EVER.
4. Boys like to fight, and there is a pecking order.
5. My husband is still a boy.
6. Tuning out noise is a practiced art.
7. If that doesn’t work there’s always the bathroom to escape to.
8, Bedroom floors are for dirty laundry. Laundry hampers are for decoration.
9, The front passenger seat of the car is a coveted throne.
10, Farting is entertainment, and an ongoing contest,
11. Bedtime….what’s that?
12, Dirt is an aphrodisiac for the body, although boys do like bubble baths…sometimes.
13. There’s always a girl who will fall for their ‘boyish’ charms.
14. With #13 in mind, someday I might have some female company.

In spite of the fact that I was a minority in my home, I had been victorious in one area. The toilet seat stayed down. That's right.

A girl has to have her priorities and falling into the toilet is not nice.

                                                                                                           Second bit soon…

That's all I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed my button cards. 

Talk soon, 



  1. What a beautiful array of buttons and what a surprise to find them. I used to love looking at and playing with my Mum's button box as a child. hugs Mrs A.

  2. They're very colourful aren't they?! I'm going to do up some sets on cards since there are quite a few triples, quadruples, etc! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. Oh Carmen I love those buttons - we just don't have wonderful button art like that now!!
    As for your musings - all so very true!! I was smiling at them all

    1. They are so creative in their design! 'Button art' is a good way to describe them! Glad you enjoyed my musings. Boys will be boys!!😂

  4. Such a wonderful thing to write things like this down...so important for the children. Parts made me laugh out loud. LOVE your Mother's buttons. You should keep them!

    1. I'm glad you liked the tips! They're from real life experience, you know! :) I'm thinking about keeping the buttons. They are very nice!


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