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Oct 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Cornucopia of Crafts

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Have you had your Turkey yet, or are you having it tonight? Is it Turkey, Ham, or ? I know in Holland people sometimes have Salmon for dinner on special occasions like Christmas, so it's fun to hear what people actually do. We had Turkey with trimmings and it was really quite exceptional this year. 

Then we all wanted to have a big snooze. Turkey, you know. It's mellowing.

I was texting with my DIL who showed me some place cards she had made for their thanksgiving table which inspired me to do something too. Now this was at the 11th hour, and I had to do something quickly. I had been to our local "De-stash the Stash Garage Sale" at the Kamloops Indian Reserve a week ago and found these cute little feather diecuts for a fraction of the price. I decided to play with them. I used leftover scraps of designer cardstock and found a free printable. I didn't do any measuring and pretty much threw them together with a bit of glue, some twine and dbl sided tape. 

It dressed up the plain napkins a bit and added a flair to the table. Afterwards I decided to throw them on the table along with the flowers my sweet hubby gave me. I love the fall colors! 

Double Duty. Works for me --

What else have I been making? Oh, let me tell you, I've been makin' and shakin' up left overs.

Here's the lap blanket I made with leftover yarn. It was literally a "how should I use these yarns up" kinda project. It's very warm and basically consists of double crochets. The picture's a bit dark, but you can see the nice thick baby yarn I used.

I was looking around to see what I could do to use up some smaller bits of yarn leftovers and found that our local NICU was looking for premie booties, hats, etc. They make up about 30 packages for premie babies around Christmas time. So far I've made these. The minion booties aren't quite done yet. 

To give you an idea of the size: 

I have fairly small hands to begin with. These are teeny tiny and they're so soft and cute. Made of wool and true hemp.

I also had some waterproof PLU fabric left from other projects so made a few wet bags. The zippers were 8" zippers my husband had picked up for me in Vancouver while looking for 9" zippers. He had forgot his glasses. They were perfect for this project. Yes, the joy of forgetting your glasses and ending up with short zippers. I've had these sitting around for at least two years so it was good to find a good use for them. 

This was another 'throw together' kind of project. I straightened the sides of the fabric, and then cut 2" off the top. The bags are about 9" wide and a bit longer. 

Then I grabbed a couple of those 8" zippers, one for each bag. I sewed one side of the zipper to the 2" piece, another to the body. Then I folded the whole thing inside out (with the zipper open) and sewed along the sides and top. A little ironing around all sides after turning it right side out, and I had a use-able wet bag. These will also go to the NICU for the premie baby gift bags.

Last but not least, I just sold one of my paintings. I had just finished painting the sides and it's waiting for a varnish and a backing before it's ready to go. My paintings are oils done with a palette knife. This one was a tasteful nude. You can just see a bit of it in the photo below.

Finally, I wanted to turn you all on to Sweet Potato 3. The last few years she has been hosting a Cancer Challenge every October.
Different designers offer new crochet patterns each day of the week of October, and a different project on weekends. The deal is, you get a new pattern, but you agree to give at least one of the items you make with that pattern to a Cancer Clinic. You can make all 30 or 5 if you want. Every little bit helps!

Last year I made quite a few hats to donate. Our cancer clinic is in our hospital, so I brought them there. Sweet Potato 3 also has free printables you can attach to your finished product that states size, etc.

Well, that's it Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 

Gobble Till You Wobble! 

Carmen :)

Sep 13, 2018

Autumn, Pinterest and a Challenge.

I love Autumn! There is nothing like some crisp, fresh air accompanied with a playful wind after a hot, smoky summer. Autumn, with its colorful display always gets me thinking about warm, soft colorful things like yarn, fabric, etc.

Speaking of which, I spent about three days cleaning and organizing my craft room again. I did it about 6 months ago, but I didn't go through every box and drawer. This time I did which resulted in a way better job of organizing. Apparently I took a short cut last time - - - 

So I had to do it again. 

Let that be a lesson to me --- and maybe to you too if you're as silly as I am.

Mostly, I have fabric, papers and yarn, a LOT of yarn. So I will be crocheting this Fall. That's ok, I love crocheting. Just don't talk to me because I will count out loud at you. Fair warning.

If you also enjoy crocheting, Sweet Potato Three (facebook page) hosts a Cancer Challenge every October that involves several indie crochet designers. During this challenge, if you download a free pattern (new one every day), you are promising to donate at least one hat you've made with that pattern to any cancer clinics. I started doing this last year and am really looking forward to this years challenge. 

Here is a link to some of the hats I made from the Cancer Challenge from last year which I donated. 

Speaking of organizing, I also did some on my Pinterest. My 'Off the Hook' Board has a ton of crochet on it of which many are free patterns, but I decided to start a 'Free Crochet Patterns' Board as well. Just to make it easy for people. It's listed below if you'd like to have a gander at it.

Well, seems I'm just about at the end of my post. It's raining here today and it feels cozy inside. I'm happy for the rain after this crazy fire season they used to call summer. The reports I'm hearing of  snow could wait just a little longer, imho though. 

If you're into crocheting, check out my free patterns board and have a wonderful day!

Check it Out: 


Aug 25, 2018

The North Wind Calls Me

It stumps me that I operate through such a revolving craft door. Inevitably there seem to be certain times of year that a specific craft calls me. It's like the movie Chocolate --- where the north wind calls her and she cannot resist. That is SO me. It's like I lose interest in the other crafts and have to obey! Anyone else experience that, or am I a weirdo?

I spent a lot of time painting in the spring. In fact I have found a venue in town where I can display my work. I have yet to varnish and put backings on them to finish them off properly. That's kind of exciting for me. I have wondered if I should sell one on a facebook site, but I like the idea of selling them locally. I'm still thinking about it. 

Now that summer is almost over my crochet hook and my sewing machine are calling to me. 

(Summer? I jest as it hardly materialized. Instead we had Spring, SMOKE and Fall which is just around the corner). 

Anyway, back to my crochet hook - in the last two days I have made 2 and a half hats. I'm also working on a Sew Together Bag, only I took the pattern and made it 2 inches larger. It was a request from one of my DIL's, and my grandkids love the bigger bags as well. Some patterns just get used over and over again. 

I'll stop talking now and show you what I've been working on. 

So this is the Ozark Ridges Beanie (also comes with pattern for messy bun hat) by Stephanie Osborne. I absolutely love this pattern. So much that I made two right away. 

Very rainbowy, but it was the only choice I had in the yarn colorway that I liked. I was hoping to find one similar to the one in the pattern. Oh well.

This pattern has so much texture in it. I love the braided look. Such a fun pattern to make. 

I made one in an off white too. I think you may be able to see the texture better in the single color. This pattern is a more advanced pattern, but it's not hard. These days you really only need to go on Youtube for any instruction you might need. 

Well, that's it for today. Oh, here's some of the fabric I'm using on the Sew Together Bag for my granddaughter. She loves the cupcakes and ice cream. I'll post it when it's done. 

In the meantime, have a great weekend! 


Jul 31, 2018

Ready to go Quick Cards!

Hi there! 

This one is for the card makers. So I love to make cards and I enjoy making something that's a little bit unique if I can. I spend hours sometimes coming up with a design. The problem with that process is that when you need a quick card, it takes too long and you end up buying a card, which is really counter productive.

Another problem I run into is that I don't want to use up any papers that I think are just too pretty. Again, counter productive. That's why I bought the pretty papers in the first place -- to use!

Then I decided that I was going to take some of those pretty papers and make some super simple cards to have on hand, for when I need a quick card. I've made 4 so far, but I have lots more papers to play with. 

I could get used to making these. So quick and easy. It really took the stress out of making cards and made the process way more enjoyable.

These two were made with the same sheet of paper. It is super hot here today so it was not easy to get a good picture. All the blinds are drawn!

These are the other two. Super simple, quick, easy and they say what I want them to say. The insides are blank at the moment, but I can add a stamp or just hand write and they're good to go. 

If you're like me and think every card has to be a work of art, I hope you'll try this. They're still handmade, they're still pretty and they take a lot less time!

Have a good week! 


Jun 11, 2018

Father's Day Cards

Fathers Day is less than a week away!!

So I was happy to get these cards finished and sent off. I used some CTMH stamps for this one. I went to a big sale a few weeks ago. She was selling stamp sets for great prices and I got this one for $3.00 y'all! 

Three bucks!! 

I couldn't leave it there. I love to make masculine cards and I knew these stamps would be perfect. So here are my two Father's Day cards. 

I actually used some other background stamps I already had. One is the written page and the other is the alphabet stamp. I've had the latter one for years, but it's the first time I've used it. It worked perfectly for this card. The typewriter and the sentiment were part of the set. I added some washi tape and metal brads (which made it heavy...postage was double plus 10c, but they're worth it).

A bit of a close up on the papers coming out of the typewriter. I also popped it up a bit.

There's the inside. I used the written page stamp and used the 2nd generation to stamp it. The pointing finger and the sentiment are also part of the set.

Here's the second one I made:

It's very similar to the first one, except I used a key, a corner brad and a ribbon for embellishments.

I added some paper to the typewriter and popped it up as well.

Inside I used the written page stamp again and did the edges with blue and then black ink. 

Then I wrote them both up, addressed them and off they went. I hope they like them! 

Have a great week everyone~

Jun 8, 2018

Black and White Ink Card

Another card for you today. This one is a bit different because all I did was use black ink on it. I actually made it one way, then added more. Now I'm not sure which I prefer, so I'm going to show you both and maybe you can let me know what you think?

The photos below are a bit darker, but if I lighten it, some of the detail is lost. 

I think if I make this one again, I'll do it a bit differently. You can see what it is I'm trying to do, but I don't think I was completely successful. I'll ink up my pad before I try again.

I did a bit of masking to get this effect. In any case, this one was a fun card to make.

Have a good day! 


More Birdie Scripture Cards

Hi there,

I've sure been having fun with this latest stamp set. Remember the first cards I shared? I love the vibrant colors of ink in the background of the one and thought I'd make a few more similar cards.

Here's the card I made first:

And here are the three of them together. 

I don't always show you the insides, so I will here. This is the one with the button and it's inside.

Then there's this one with the chain and the inside.

To be honest, I just about threw this little bird out after I took the black ink to the sides as I thought it looked overdone. However, I'm kind of glad I decided to use it anyway. Once the card came together, it didn't look that bad. 

I also stamped a bird the outside of the envelopes and used clear embossing powder for a bit of a different look. Each of my cards are signed on the back in white or black pen.

Here are all four cards I made.

I've had lots of fun with these stamps. Now to come up with some designs for the Tim Holtz Bird Crazy Stamps! 

Have a good weekend! 

Jun 3, 2018

Birdie Bits

June is here and along with it came some much needed rain. I actually don't mind the rain. It seems everything smells fresher afterwards. Since it was pretty rainy, I stayed home and played with some new stamps I received for my birthday in May.

I also made up some really quick sentiments to go along with them. I will leave them for you here, but technically, they're not digital stamps as anyone can make them up in Word. I just wanted a few Scriptures to go with the cards. 

I used the same birds on both cards, but there are quite a few more in this set. I also received the Tim Holtz Bird Crazy stamp set. I'll use those another time. Both sets also came with stencils. I'm going to have fun!

Here's the sentiments....

Well, that's it for today. Have a great week! 


May 23, 2018

My Little Prayer Pocket


On April 16th, 2018, I shared with you a prayer pocket that my sister in law made. I included the measurements she used so that you could make your own if you wanted to. Today I am bringing you my own little prayer pocket which I completed today. I used Janell's measurements.

Next I will show you photos of the tags front and back. In the middle is the pocket which has been sewn together. Surrounding it are 6 tags, one of which is actually a pad of paper to write on. 

Here are the backs. There is space to write on the back of most of them, with one having about 6 sheet of lined paper. 

Another photo of the pad. I have enclosed the pad in some cardstock to make it a little sturdier and to hide the staples at the top. 

Technically I should have another tag in here and I may still make one, but it doesn't need it. 

The idea is to write down any prayer requests on the pad and pray for them. Then when a prayer is answered, you can write it on the tag. Any used papers from the pad can be saved in the pocket and attached on the inside of the first pocket with the little clamp I have there.

When you compare Janell's and mine, you can see that we used different embellishments. Since mine will probably be a gift to someone local, I bulked it up with flowers, etc. Janell kept hers a bit flatter as she sells them in her Etsy Shop, CreateBcuzURpricless. This way they are a bit easier and cheaper to ship.

To see the original post with the measurements, click HERE

I hope you'll try and make one too. They are quite easy. Since I saw Janell's I've looked around and found different versions of these: Travel Pockets, Mother's Day Pockets, Valentines Pockets, etc. Some call them Loaded Envelopes. 

Check out my Pinterest page under Prayer Pockets, Loaded Envelopes to see more. Thanks for stopping by! 


May 1, 2018

Metal Tape Card with some tips on how.

Good morning,

I have another card to show you today. This is a personal card I made for my father in law. His birthday is coming up this week. I believe he will be 88. He’s a jolly fellow and an endearing guy. 

I decided to play with my aluminum tape again and see what I could come up with. For at least a few months I was in search of the retired Stampin’ Up Going Global embossing folder. I was about to pull down my posts when someone responded. I got it at a great price and it arrived last week. So this is my first try with it. 

Someone asked me how to do this, so thought I’d share. It’s super simple. All you need to do is pick up some aluminum foil tape from a hardware store. It comes in a good size roll and is usually pretty cheap. 

Cut a piece of cardstock to the size you want (I went with the size of my embossing folder) and then cut a few strips of the tape about a 1/2” larger. Pull the backing off the tape and secure it over the cardstock smoothing it as you place it on and leaving a bit of overhang all around. You’ll have to do three strips for most cards. Then just wrap the overhang around the cardstock. You’re ready for the next step. 

Choose an embossing folder and run the taped cardstock through your cuttlebug/BigShot, or whatever you have. That’s the shiny part done. Now embellish your card from there. 

If you like a grungy look, you can put black acrylic paint over the tape, let it dry and wipe it with a Wet One. This works particularly well with a decorative folder as the black paint stays in the crevices. I’ve used this method with my cogs and gears folder. 

Another method is to smear inka gold here and there over the foil or alcohol inks. Check out the pictures below of some of my old projects using these methods. Also, go on Pinterest and search for ‘metal tape art’or "Metal Foil Art"- you’ll be amazed. 

This was the inside of a card. It is just the metal tape and black acrylic paint. The texture underneath the tape is that adhesive netting.

Here are a couple of frames we did up. I think I had my grandkids and daughter in law with me at the time. This one was done with the inka gold on it as well as different items under and on top of the tape.

You see how you can use different folders with the metal tape and run them through the cuttlebug before you peel the backings off. It's a different look. We used lots of different colors of inka gold on this Malma Mirror.

And these last two are portions of the same card. I can't find the photo of the whole card. Lol. Anyway, this card I used different embossing folders, adhesive netting, gears from old watches, etc. Plus, I used the black acrylic paint, and the inka gold. 

I hope if you haven’t already, you’ll give it a try. Enjoy the process!

Well, I hope the FIL likes his card-