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Feb 19, 2024

Retro Flash 3

It’s a sun shiny day here in the Loops. I’ve been busy sewing and am working on a 50’s quilt from Susie’s Sitcom called Retro Flash. I shared a few of the blocks in other posts here and there, and today I will share the last three blocks. 

I have yet to put the back on and quilt it. Then the border. It will be a large wall hanging as it’s raw edge appliqué. One new thing is the flash blocks, which were not yet applied to the other blocks, but have been added since I posted them. The instructions for them came with the last block. 

The border will be a stripe fabric that’s been incorporated in some of the other blocks as well. 

Once this one is finished I’ll be completing my Tweet as Honey Quilt, also from Suzy’s Sitcom. I just enjoy appliqué quilting, but I’ll be ready to do some collage and fabric cards after that. No more big projects for me for a while. 

My cards are getting really low, so I’m hoping I can get a few more made in between some of the sewing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good week,

Jan 24, 2024

Attic Window Quilt

I can’t believe it’s been a month, but here we are. It seems the art of blogging is a relic of the past with all the new platforms out there. My mindset is, why change what’s working? Perhaps I’m the only one out here watching anymore, but that’s ok too. With the way the world is today, I’m sure the internet will break one day too. 

Things come…to pass, it seems.

Meanwhile I’m over here with the things that make me happy. The Lord God, my Creator, my husband, my sons, my extended family and my friends. Plus, of course, my crafts. So I’ve been working on an old attic window quilt top that I put together years ago. Before I even started this blog in 2009. My dad had mentioned that he liked it, and since he will be celebrating his 90th birthday soon, I thought I’d complete it for him. 

Better late than never. Right? 

I’m actually kind of proud of myself for finally finishing it. One of the few things I tucked away and forgot about.  Now it’s  not perfect, as I’m really still learning free motion quilting. 

It looks like you’re peeking out some windows. I’m not sure where the dinosaur fits in, but I didn’t create the pattern, so I just went with it. It’s a lap quilt and I hope he likes it. 

Have a good week everyone,


Oh, I wish!!

Dec 18, 2023

Little Gifts in Little Booties

I was scrolling on Instagram and found the cutest little containers for little gifts or candies. The best part was that it was cheap to make and so easy! The original post was made by Maria Bauer, and I’ll post her profile link below. I’m going to show you the ones I made first. 

Cute, right? Little booties with little gifts! I love them! I’ll show you how they’re made.

Paper cups 

You’ll notice I had to cut my cups down an inch or so. I could only find tall paper cups at the dollar store. 

I opted to make little bottoms for my boots. These were made by tracing the bottom of the cup, and adding a little loop at the front. This is for the toe part of the boot. This is also an optional step. It will work without a sole. I beaded a bit of glue around the bottom rim of the cup and added the sole. 

Next I placed the cup on a napkin like this, then scrunched up another napkin for the toe of the boot. 

Next I pulled the napkin at the front of the boot over the rim of the cup, pushing in a bit at the top of the toe round, and then taped that into place on the inside of the cup. That’s enough to hold it in place while you pleat and fold the napkin into the cup all the way around. 

The toe part is a bit tricky but just play with it until it looks ok. This is how one of mine looked before I taped the inside of the cup down a bit better. I did the front part first, but whatever works. 

More tape wherever you think it’s needed. There’s the inside of mine. It doesn’t matter that it looks messy because the kids will take the gift and candy, and the boot will eventually be thrown out with the wrap. 

And here it is with the ribbon on. If you’re good with tying bows, 24” will do you. If you struggle, cut 30”. You can cut the tails down after. 

Then comes the really fun part where we fill it with candy and gifts. Two of these have gifts included, and two are going to be included with gifts and only contain chocolate, candy canes, gummies, etc. If you are giving gift cards or jewelry, etc., these are perfect for teens or kids. 

I opted to throw these in a see-through Christmas bag. I still have to tie them, but cute, right?? 

Hope you try to make your own. As promised, here’s the link to Maria Bauer at Maria’s Foodstyle. You’ll find a little video there as well which may be easier for some to follow along with. 

Thanks for stopping by !
Blessings to you this Christmas,

Dec 3, 2023

Quick Christmas Cards 2023

Hello all,

To be honest, I wasn’t going to make Christmas cards this year. Twice, I went to the store and looked at boxed cards and came away without a purchase. Then I looked at my old partially used Christmas paper pads and guilted myself into making some quick cards. I made 4 cards one day, 8 the next and I have 3 on the go today. 

Am I impressed with myself? No, not really. My tastes have changed over the years. I raised 4 boys and now that I’m in an empty nest everything looks much too cutesy. I wanted elegant, but that wasn’t happening with these papers. Lol. 

The boys have grown up and apparently I have too? Maybe?  Anyway, I was committed to using these papers up, so off I went into a crafting frenzy. 

The background was supposed to look warm and fuzzy. Instead it looks like dirty snow. Sorry. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Can’t win ‘em all.


I have 12, almost 15 done in 3 days time, but I need 25. Will I make more, or will I end up at the store again? 

I really don’t know.  I guess we will all find out soon. 

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Nov 25, 2023

Retro Flash 2

Good morning,

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks in this household, but I did manage to slip in some cutting, sewing and embroidering. I absolutely love these quilt patterns I’m working on. If you like sewing, applique and embroidery, these will fit the bill. The best part is that I was able to get each block pattern for free from Suzy’s Sitcom. She has many free patterns which come out every month. Do check her page out. 

This quilt reflects life in the 50’s, when bowling, jukeboxes and crazy color combos were the thing. 

Who wants to go bowling?

These big jukeboxes were so popular. 
Later they were replaced by little individual jukeboxes at each diner table.
 Remember? So fun!

And here’s your typical living room setup. The only thing missing is the standing ashtray. 
Love the TV rabbit ears and the old phone. No selfies back then!
 The ‘stylish’ lamp takes me back to my earlier years. 

A couple of progress pics…before the embroidery.

I’ve really enjoyed working on this quilt. Only three blocks to go, then the finishing. This one is raw edge, but I’m going over the edges with invisible stitching so it doesn’t fray. 

I’ve also completed another Tweet as Honey block and have two more blocks to go for that one. I’m guessing I’ll finish them both around the same time. I’ve also got some other patterns and things perking in my noggin. Hopefully I’ll get to some of those soon too. 

Well thanks for popping in and have a wonderful weekend,

Nov 11, 2023

Retro Flash!


As promised I’m sharing a few blocks from my Retro Flash applique quilt which is a work in progress. This quilt has only 9 blocks and these are the first three I made. I will be securing the edges of the applique with a zig zag as well, but for now I’m getting everything in place. 

This block takes place at the Drive-in movies!  I have memories of almost driving away with the speakers still inside the car and having to back up to place them back in their holders. Some people snuck in extra friends in the trunks of their cars; plus who can forget the snack bar where you could get all kinds of goodies? Those were the days, but by the time I experienced them it was about 22 years later! I loved putting together this block. So much detail!

Next, the old time diners, but those that had drive thru’s were a new thing!

This block really goes back to before my time. A waitress came out to deliver your food in roller skates. Imagine the skills they needed. The trays attached to your drivers window which had to be open to hold them. A little chilly some days perhaps, but oh, the nostalgia of it all. 

I’m working on the next two blocks already. One is bowling, and the other is a jukebox.  I have received my next block for the Tweet as Honey quilt, so once I complete these two I’ll start on it too. I’m finding that I enjoy working on more than one quilt at a time as I get bored easily. 

I noticed these pictures are a bit dark, so I apologize for that, but it’s 4:30 and with the time change I forget how quickly it gets dark out now! Hopefully the next lot will be a bit brighter. 

Stay tuned for more quilt block fun coming your way! And yes, hands off my scissors!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Nov 2, 2023

Tweet as Honey 3

Good morning,

November is here - - already! This year has flown by for me with all of its ups and downs, but ultimately life is good. There is a bit of a nip in the air some days, and I’m spending more time indoors than usual. Lately that means I’m getting much more sewing done. I’m here to show you the last 3 blocks in my ‘Tweet as Honey’ sew along by Suzy’s Sitcom. 

It’s early here so the lighting is a bit low, but they showed up ok. I have 3 blocks and some side panels left to do on this one before I can put the back on and quilt it. I do all my quilting by free motion as I think it adds a personal touch. You’ll note that this is an appliqued quilt which features some embroidery as well.

If you’d like to see the other blocks I’ve done for this quilt, click on ‘sewing’ under labels in the sidebar or at the bottom of this post. You can also search for ‘Tweet as Honey’ in the sidebar. 

I’m working on another of Suzy’s quilt patterns as well called ‘Retro Flash.’ It’s a delightfully fun themed quilt from the 50’s. Poodle skirts, Drive Ins, and jukeboxes are just some of the blocks included. I’ll include some of those blocks in my next post. 

Thanks for stopping by!