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Dec 12, 2017

Christmas Digi Freebies


So this may be a bit late, but if you're not done your Christmas cards yet, or are looking to make a few more, here's some free digital stamps off the blog that may help. 

On this blog I have a section that lists my freebies with direct links to the pages you need. I decided to list a few of the Christmas freebies on this post to make it easy. These include images and sentiments.

Polar Bear Cuddles  (Also check the link above for sentiments)

Elf Boots

Chubby Penguin

Primitive Angel 

Remember that when there is more than one item in a freebie, you can break them up in Word. With the ornaments, if you only want to use one, you can crop out the rest and enlarge the one! 

There are several other Christmas freebies on the blog, please check out the "freebies" tab at the top of the blog. And hey, I always love to see what you make with them, so please show me or fire off a quick email with your blog post, if you have a blog. :)

Well, that's it for now. I hope you're all getting things done. Christmas is truly such a busy time of year. Not to sound like a grinch, but honestly, I'd be happy to just spend time with my family and friends, enjoying each other's company, having a few laughs and enjoying good food. Speaking of food, I still have the Bacon Jam on my list of TO DO's....I'll be posting it soon along with some other items I've crafted. 

Also, don't forget to check out my Christmas Sleigh Ride's for some ideas on gifts, food, decorations, etc. Check them out on the side bar under the Popular Posts.

Have a wonderful week, 

Nov 25, 2017

Early Christmas Makings

Autumn is an active season for me. With the change from summer to Fall, my focus changes too. This time of year is my favorite. The weather is better, although it's been unusually windy here lately. No matter. There has been a bit of a shift this year though. For one thing almost all my Christmas shopping and making is done. That's extremely unusual. Everything is almost all packed too. It's weird. Not that I'm complaining. Now I can focus on making shortbread, butter tarts, gingerbread, my amazing antipasto, and for the first time ever, bacon jam. Yes, you read that right. It's for on top of crackers and boursin cheese. I can't wait to make it, and I'll let you know if it was a winner or a bust.

So, it's been almost 2 months since I last posted. That's some kind of record for me. I actually thought about shutting the blog down because I was so tardy. I thought better of it because there's still some good ideas on here for people, especially the Christmas Sleigh Ride posts, which are still popularly frequented every year. Plus, I share things I've made and also include the location of the free patterns that I've used. Yes, I'll just keep this little blog up and running for a while longer.

Let me show you what I've been making lately. If you're on my Facebook page, you've probably seen some of these, but please bear with me if you have. 

Most of these hats were donated.

I've also been making peek a boo pals from Gingermelon again this year. I have a 2 year old granddaughter that I think needs them. Plus once my other granddaughters realized I was making more (they each got 3 last year), they put in their orders for 2 or 3 more.  

Here they all are - - I have another lamb to make, and if I have time, I'll make the monkey (not shown) for my sister in law, who still sleeps with her monkeys everywhere she goes. No word of a lie. One of the many reasons I love her so !

They are too adorable, aren't they? Toys that will create memories, I hope.

I also had some custom hats to make, two of which I am still working on so won't show you just yet.

This one I made for an elderly lady using wool she picked out. It was that awful kinky wool. You couldn't tell where the stitches were in it. Terrible stuff, but she was happy with it. 

It originally came from this pattern, which is a free pattern but is no longer available as she's removed her blog, unfortunately. I do have the pattern on my harddrive still, thankfully.

Next, I made these, but I'm not sure who they're for yet. 

These two hats are a bit slouchy and the red one isn't finished yet. I'm thinking of putting one of these white fur pom poms on the top.  I still have to put a leather tag on the red one too. 

One more thing. I like to print off my own tags for Christmas. This year I was looking for something more plain. White or black. I find the other tags interfere with the wrapping paper. Anyway, here's what I found. They're "honest gift tags" from Bunny Peculiar (check her out) and can also be found on my Pinterest Christmas board along with some other tags and ideas too. 

Well, I think that's it, but really, that's enough anyway.

You all have a nice weekend, maybe I'll do a Bacon Jam Post soon - - 


Sep 27, 2017

Bicycle Pouch

Some time ago I told you about a pouch I was making. Several things (and posts) have happened since then, but today I finally finished it and am posting about it. 

This is a simple little pouch using canvas with heat n bond embellishments and some beading. Cute but effective. I had originally made up steps to make one, but forgot to photograph the last steps, so I'll show you what I do have. 

First the little pouch. 

The inside of the pouch. 

This is where she started out! I cut up some fabric, and fussy cut out a tree trunk and branches.

Then I ironed them onto some heat n bond and cut them out. 

I cut out some canvas and some quilt batting the same size, then using Staz On Ink, I stamped the bicycle onto the canvas. I used a permanent marker to outline the frame of the bike. Then ironed it.

Using the flowery material, I also stamped the bike onto that, cut out the wheels and sewed them on. I went over the tires with the permanent marker. Then ironed it again and sewed a silver bead in the center of each wheel.

I cut out a bunch of the flowers from the fabric and saved them to use on the tree.

Since they already had heat n bond on them, I ironed them in place, then put little beads in the center of each one.

That's where the process ended as far as photos are concerned. I sewed the lining and the outside of the pouch together, adding a zipper. Then I pressed it a bit more since the canvas doesn't lie very flat. That's it! 

And that's the end of my post! 

Blessings everyone! 

Sep 9, 2017

Strum Me a Few Notes

It's been way too long since I made a card. I've even been guilty of buying a few cards lately. 

I know, I blush. I have lots of things I could blame, but I'm not going to. It just hasn't happened, but I'm glad I finally got to play again.

I made one for my sons' birthday coming up this week. He's been known to walk into a room, find a comfy spot in a corner somewhere or on some stairs and start playing and singing his heart out. He fingerpicks and strums, so we get treated to some great songs. When thinking of what kind of card to make him, it wasn't hard. 


Oddly enough, one of the things I don't have is different sizes of round punches. So I had to trace and cut. However, I think it's close enough. It's a cute card and I found it on SplitCoastStampers HERE. Since the instructions are explained there, I'm not going to repeat them here. Go have a look and find out how easy this one is to make. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Sep 2, 2017

Crochet Appliques For Boys

It's Labour Day weekend! 

Hope you are all enjoying some well deserved peace and rest. 

It feels like the world today is spiralling.... and that there are no answers in sight. I'm curious why people don't shut off their TV's and just be kind to each other. I also find it very interesting that in times of real trouble, like in Texas, people are there. There are humans helping humans and no one is asking if they're right or left, and no one cares if they're mexican, white or black...or maybe those people just don't help. I don't really know, but what I'm seeing is real and people haven't changed all that much. They care.

So I have to wonder - -

Why does the media only report about bad things and skew the truth, and why don't they tell you the good things? I know it's on everyone's mind, because how can it not be? I sincerely hope people have their eyes open and are checking into things....because their childrens' futures depend on it. 

Just a few of my thoughts lately. I know this isn't that kind of blog, but it's just so in your face lately.

In the meantime I've been playing with hook and yarn. I found this little pattern and I don't know what I'm going to do with these yet, but they were fun to make.

I featured an incomplete one on my Facebook page asking what people thought it was. I thought for sure they'd guess a UFO, but the only guess was a handbell. Oddly, that's what my husband guessed too.

Once you add the little details, it becomes a vintage car. Or several vintage cars. 

I. Just. Couldn't. Stop. 

These little vintage car appliques were from a free pattern. Get yours from My Crochet Projects.

Aren't they sweet? Now to make up a blanket or something they can be used on. Any ideas?

Have a great weekend!

Aug 8, 2017

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket

It's finally done! 

And I am so happy with the way it turned out! This blanket is for the newest addition to our family, Bristen Erick. 

I highly recommend this pattern as it was easy to follow. I was not familiar with all the stitches and hesitated to purchase it, but I'm so glad I did. The instructions were easy to follow. The end result was an adorable, beautifully textured baby blanket. 

I would have made the lovey, but I ran out of time!

The original pattern was by Christins, from My Sweet Potato 3, and the pattern name is My Sweet Teddy Bear Set on Ravelry. It includes the Lovey. 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Now onto the rest of the week! 


Aug 5, 2017

The Period of Purple Crying


What a summer it's been! Though it has not come near us (fingers crossed), the wildfires are all around us. Kamloops is an evacuation center not only for people, but also for much livestock and pets. The corporate donations have been impressive, and the volunteers have been amazing! It's not over yet, as we are just coming into the hottest part of our summer. So we pray for intervention, as many thousands have already been affected by these fires. I am staying inside mostly as the smoke is thick and acrid outside. 

I thought I'd show you some of the caps I made for The Period of Purple. These are hats made for babies with shaken baby syndrome. They must be at least 50% purple. I found a few free patterns (there are some on their site) and made them up. I did mostly boys, as I believe there may be a shortage of boy hats. 

I would say the last one is more girlish, as there's a bit of pink in it, and the color is a red/purple.

The small balls of colorways acrylic yarn was perfect for these. They are only $1.00 a ball on sale, and one ball makes about 2 of these hats.

 I am hoping they can use these. There are some guidelines, such as size, color, and bulkiness.  It's all on their website if you want to have a look! 

Well, I certainly hope things calm down in BC soon. Pray for us, would you? 


Jun 16, 2017

Quick, Easy Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is a mere two days away at this writing and for those of you who haven't made your cards yet, this is the post for you!

I love cards that are easy to make, but look like you've spent a lot of time on them. So without further delay, here are a few cards for you to make. This first one was made using the Bo Bunny's Weekend Market Collection. I used one page out of this pad for this whole card.

One and a half inches were trimmed from the left side of the page to cut out a few circles (using bottle and container caps to make the circles) and then I inked the edges with black ink. They were placed here and there on the page with dbl-sided tape, as you can see above.

Using a permanent fine tip marker, I highlighted the edge of the globe to make it stand out a bit more. the words were made using stickers from the Dollar Store. The words "in the" were done by hand. These were put in place with double sided tape. Done!

This next card went to a Dad that loves the Cinema.

It is a super easy card to make too, using 2 sheets of the paper, some cardstock and the corner stickers from My Stickease, Silhouette Level 1.

Keeping my card base in mind (I just buy the ones from Michaels with the envelopes included), I cut some cardstock to fit inside the card base, and cut the Curtain Call paper to fit inside that. I don't use measurements, but eye it up. It's easier, and no one can tell the difference. Then I put the little corner stickers from the Stickease set in place. I adhered the cardstock together with dbl-sided tape.

I cut out the Charlie Chaplin character and put that on the card with foam tape to give some dimension.

You'll notice the copper on the top left of the card - that's actually a film strip cut-out someone gave me, but most of it is behind the paper. I liked the look so kept it there.

Then I took the frame from the Stickease set and put Letter stickers from the Dollar Store on there. I adhered the left side with dbl-sided tape (to sit on the Charlie Chaplin image) and the right side with foam tape. I had a little metal dancing shoe embellishment that I adhered with a brad. Then I taped the finished card top to the Card base. Done.

Just for fun I'm going to include an old card I made years ago that works well for Father's Day and is super easy to make using the Tie Image from my Etsy Shop.

For this card, I used random papers I had around. Using a bought card base, I measured some black cardstock to fit within 1/4"  of the card. 

I measured the designer paper to within 1/4" around for inside the black cardstock.

Then I ran off the tie image on 4 different pieces of designer paper and fussy cut them out. 

Using the 4 ties as a gauge, I cut a rectangle of paper for the background. I used a bold stripe. Then cut out black cardstock to frame the striped paper. 

On top of the striped paper, I put a piece of self stick mesh I had in my stash. Then adhered the ties on top. 

I used some dew drops as an embellishment. 

Then I adhered it all to the card base. 

A quick and easy Father's Day Card! 

Well, that's three quick Father's Day Cards. I hope these have been a bit of an inspiration. Super easy cards that are quick to make but look classy enough to make them think you really took a lot of time. 

Have a great weekend,

Jun 3, 2017

Honey, I shrunk the.....

Hello Everyone,

How's life? Mine is full lately. I went to Lillooet to visit with some family from Holland, my dad and my sister.

My sister, who also loves to make things, showed me a couple of little things she made. I didn't realize it, but it seems Shrinky Dinks are popular in the crafting world right now. I love what she did with these, so I set about making my own. First, here are her projects.

This was a name tag she made for my Dad's new puppy. She used a dog biscuit cookie cutter for the shape. I've covered over the phone number, for obvious reasons.

This is her grandsons handprint made with acrylic paint, then shrunk. It was made for her son to keep on his keychain. Cute hey?

So after seeing these, I decided I wanted to make some too. As it turns out, while looking up Shrinky Dinks, I came across this post by Repeat Crafter Me. She had some fun making stitch markers. She also provides a template. 

I loved her idea for the Yarn Ball Stitch Markers, so with this in mind, I made my own little Shrinks, thank you very much! 

I found a couple of images for a yarn ball online as a guide and printed them off on some white paper,. There are literally tons to choose from. This is a full 8.5 x 11 sheet of the shrinky dink paper so you can tell about how large the images were to start with.

With a black permanent Sharpie on the smooth side of the paper I 'sort of' traced the yarn images, making some changes as I went along. 

I drew a heart on the white paper and used it as a template for the hearts on the labels.

Then I used colored Sharpie markers on the textured side of the paper.

The colors get quite dark when baking, so I used these lighter colors.

Once they were all colored in, I cut them out and made a hole in each one with a regular hole punch. Remember, the holes will shrink too. Then I placed them on a cookie sheet covered with foil.  Also, make sure when you place them on the foil, they're smooth side down, textured side up.

I baked them in a preheated 325F oven for about 1 1/2 minutes. They will curl first, but you want them to be flat before you take them out of the oven. Don't be impatient like I was the first time around.

Here they are fresh out of the oven. Yes, same ones! You want to start big. Look how much darker the colors are after baking as well! 

I also decided to do a sewing machine, because I love to sew. 

It's nuts how small they get, right? Here they are again. I will be making key chains and earrings out of these. I may have to make a few more balls of yarn so I have matching colors. 

For the keychains I used a small jump ring to join the yarn ball shrinky dink to a clasp or ring. For the earrings, I will do about the same, but attach them to a hook.

The sewing machine image was found HERE if you'd like to make your own. Again, there are tons of yarn images on the web that you can use.

Well, that's about it for today

Have a wonderful weekend,