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Dec 1, 2022

C2C Cupcake Security Blanket Free Pattern

It’s December first and true to the time of year, it is freezing outside. BRRRR!  The best place to be is inside where it’s warm and cozy. I’ve been using this time to sew, crochet and make cards. Today I will share one of my cupcake themed projects with you. 

This is a corner to corner security blanket. When completed it is 25”x20”, which is a bit larger than a typical security blanket. You could make it smaller by removing 2 or 3 rows all around, or add more rows to the outside and turn it into a stroller blanket at 30”x35.” It’s so easy to do that with these graph patterns.

I’m in the process of blocking it, but you can see how the pattern turned out. I made it for my great granddaughter, who is almost 11 months old now. A happy little bean! 

I apologize for the sun rays…it was difficult to get a true color photo. 

This was the pattern I used. I have written out the counts for this pattern for myself and can print them up for you. However, I no longer have the grid pattern, other than this photo of it. However, if you click on it, it’ll bring you to a larger version of it. You can then take a screenshot and print it from there. 
One thing I did differently was instead of using a double crochet, I used a half-double crochet because I thought it would make a thicker blanket. If you use a double crochet, you’ll end up with a bigger blanket as well. 

(To use a half double crochet in this pattern, the chain 6 becomes a chain 5, and the chain 3 becomes a chain 2)

I made some minor changes to the pattern afterwards, which you’ll see below.  The cherry is slightly smaller. I have not written up the count for this one. 
I’ve included a link of this pattern for you below. I believe you can print it from there if you’d like to try it. 

That’s all for today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Nov 19, 2022

Christmas Bookmark Cards

Last year I found a cute stamp on Pinterest called “Peaceful Night” from Woodward Crafts. It was too late to do anything at the time, but I ordered it and kept it for this year. 

These stamps are beautiful on cards done up with only gold or silver embossing powder, but I decided on white embossing powder and then painted them. 

I made the cards about the size of the clear stamp itself and ended up with a very slim card, about 6 1/2“(folded to 3 1/4) by 8 1/2”. I cut out an even slimmer inside panel wide enough to use the greeting which also came with the stamp.

Since I only have fairly standard sized envelopes, I came up with a possible envelope solution for these slim cards, but had to check the post office site first. Would they accept the envelopes I had in mind? 

Why yes, they would.

The photo above shows you the cards, the inside panel, clear envelopes and white paper. 

That’s correct, clear envelopes. 

I had bought bookmark sleeves a while ago for my envelope add-ins. I sometimes add a bookmark and a bag of tea to my cards to mail away. The clear sleeve helped keep them from slipping around.  These sleeves were also the perfect fit for the Christmas cards. 

I slipped a white piece of paper over the top of the card. This paper will contain the address and return address. The stamp will go on the top right so it can be cancelled. 

The back is fine as is. The envelope will be taped down on the back side. 

So these are my Christmas Bookmark Cards. They can be enjoyed as a card, then slipped into a book as a bookmark. 

I love it when my cards are re-gifted, framed, or can be used in another way. I’ll be looking for more tall skinny stamps to use in a similar way.

Will you? 


White Embossing powder
Versamark ink
Watercolor paints
Cardstock in black and white



Oct 20, 2022

Caught the Sewing Bug!

It seems my craft preferences change with the season and lately I’ve been hit with the sewing bug. 

I had started a “quilt by the month” quilting pattern by Suzy’s Sitcom, and then almost got it finished when I grew tired of it. I finally picked it up again this summer, completed it and posted it on this blog. 

After that I made a softie, a pillowcase, doll clothes, bowl cozies and a mugrug. Now I find myself looking at free and paid sewing patterns all over the web.

I’ve also reorganized my craft space and added a separate sewing area. I think I’m in for the long haul.

To catch myself up I’ll share what I made with links to patterns and sites I used. The completed quilt is in the post below.

The Gerald the Giraffe softie was a pattern I purchased from Sweet Briar Sisters on Etsy.  Isn’t he just the sweetest? This was fairly easy to make, but follow the directions closely. 

Then I found a free pattern for a pillowcase with French seams from Treasurie. You roll this one up like a burrito, and in the end there are no raw seams. The instructions are provided at the link. 

This one is for one of my granddaughters, and is folded twice, but you get the just of it. Oh look- there’s Gerald again.

Next I decided to make doll clothes for 18” dolls. I used a free pattern for both pieces.

Shorts pattern by Lelesdesign. The link to the pattern is below the video.

This was fun to make but the fabric was a bit stiff. The closure is Velcro.

Lydia’s Sweetheart Doll Dress by PA Country Crafts  The instructions and pattern are included. 

I haven’t finished the hem on this one yet. I had to order a rolling hem foot which has now arrived. I hear it’s a bit tricky to master, so I’ll practice first. Cute little pattern, and easy. 

If only I had an 18” doll to check the fit on!!

Did I mention I used to do piece work for a childrens clothing company called Rainbowear? This brought back happy memories. I can’t wait to try reversible coats and jackets for these dolls. 

Then I moved onto some Quilted Bowl Cozies. I used a pattern off of Craftsy. I made two of these. They’ve come in pretty handy already. 

Last but not least I decided to make a mug rug. This little mugrug pattern is my own. It’s for my granddaughter who loves to bake. 

In hindsight I should have made an apron, oven mitt and a mugrug with this fabric, but there isn’t enough of it left now. I found the pillowcase pattern first, so I made it first. Maybe I’ll make her a set at a later date. 

I might turn the pattern into a pdf if I can figure out how. I’ve done digital stamps, so it can’t be that much more difficult.

Thank you for popping by today. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more to share. Have a great weekend!

PS: Check the side-bar…seems everyone is looking for Christmas ideas already!

Sep 16, 2022

Seagull Paradise Wall Quilt

I’m sitting in my room listening to the raindrops outside my window. More sunny days will come but Fall is on its way and I’m ok with that. 

For the last year I’ve been working on and off - on a quilt from a pattern by Suzy at Suzy’s Sitcom. I highly recommend this blog especially if you like to sew, but also for other crafts. She has a Facebook page called Suzy’s Crafters and Quilters if you’d rather follow that way. 

She offers many patterns for free. Every month there was a new block available for a month. If you missed it, you could pick it up for $5 or so after the fact. Or, if you didn’t want to wait, you could buy the whole pattern right off the bat. Your choice. Check out her blog for more details.

Now to show you the Seagull Paradise quilt I made. I just completed the binding today and it’ll be a wall quilt or a decorative cover over the guest bed. 

Following are some close ups of the different panels in random order. 

I like the panels with the line up of seagulls so much, I may do a table runner or small quilt of them. I’ve always loved the ocean and this reminds me of the Island. 

I’m working on a different table runner as a gift and when I get a chance I will post a couple more sewing projects I recently completed.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 


May 26, 2022

Sunshine, Foliage and Little Beasties


As promised, I’m back with some fabric cards. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I can make to put in a card to encourage….a mini care package. In my last post I mentioned watercolor bookmarks with a pack of tea. I think I may elaborate on that and make some fabric bookmarks too. I’ve been looking for ideas and trying to come up with my own patterns. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to show you what I’ve come up with. Meanwhile, here’s todays fabric cards. 

The first one is a bit different from my usual. I hope to improve on it. I’ve embellished it with metallic thread and a saying. Then I’ve attached it to a bought aperture card. It’s a bit more plain than what I usually do, but I still like it. The sentiment reads “You Were Born to Shine”

The next three are my square aperture cards. I made a few different patterns up to try. I’m always conflicted about putting quotes on any of my cards because it limits what they can be used for. 

A sheep in the valley amidst a flower field in the sunshine.  “Shine Brightly”

An owl on a branch “Wise at Heart”

Hearts hanging from a cloud “With love”

I’m going to see what I can come up with for a fabric bookmark. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


May 24, 2022

Stamperia Leftovers Cards

Hello all!

Today I have some Stamperia cards, watercolor bookmarks (in progress) and a little idea. 

A while back I bought a bunch of Stamperia pads and they didn’t disappoint. In fact, the cards I’m about to show you were made from mostly bits and pieces that were left over. I usually make larger cards, but these are smaller cards, which are nice to give too. 

I cut out the little teacups, the birds, the heart and the love sign and applied them with foam tape.

This one was super simple. It’s just two flat layers with a popped up flower.

This one was embellished with a metal music note clip. I did have to use two different background papers for the background. Super easy though! This is what I love about these papers. They’re incredibly easy to work with; the cards seem to make themselves.

I also made some watercolor bookmarks. I’ve already given some away, so these are ones I’m still working on. Once I’ve done the initial painting, I go back and add details, usually with golds and iridescent colors. In fact, I want to share a couple of really nice paints below. First the bookmarks. 

You can see the gold splatters on the center bookmark. I’ll be adding writing and some shimmer to the other two before they’re completed. 

The reason I am making these bookmarks is because they make such a great addition to cards. I add a packet of fancy tea and a cute little saying, and it’s a little bit of a gift. 

This is the front of the bookmark, and the back of the bookmark is behind the tea in its package below.

Note also the writing on the sticker that seals it. 
You time! A book, a sip of tea and solitude!”

You see, everyone seems to be stressed and depressed these days. People are worn out, feeling helpless and hopeless because of the things happening in the world. On top of that are the every day issues that come up in their personal lives, plus unusual sicknesses and outside pressures and it’s all just too much. I feel it too. 

I believe the best way to fight these feelings is to come together in unity.  Do what we can to encourage, lift people up and let them know someone out there still cares. It’s a small gesture, I know, but it’s a start. A handmade (or store bought) card with a bookmark and tea. Or maybe hot chocolate. Whatever. 

Just something to tell them you care, and to take time for themselves to relax, heal and get rejuvenated. So that’s my little idea. Super easy to do but thoughtful.

So about the shimmery paints. When I was going through my rock painting phase a while back (so short I never shared it), I was introduced to a couple of acrylics that are just lovely. A picture is probably best. Sorry about the yellow background…it’s watercolor paper. Anyway, if you want a little shimmer, these are awesome! I used the dragonfly glaze on the dragonfly bookmark above.

I have a fabric card ready, but I’ll wait until the next post. Hope you enjoyed these. Have a great week! 


Apr 28, 2022

Matted Watercolor Art and Textile Art

Making cards is something I love to do, but I felt as if a new approach was in order. I made up a watercolor and ink painting and mounted it inside this 8x10” Matt. This is a closed Matt ready for framing. It is a bright white, but photos are hard to get right sometimes.

It’s already sealed in a crystal clear bag, I had forgotten to take a photo before doing so, but that’s ok. This one is watercolor with doodling. 

There were also black matts available, and I had made up some textile art to fit. This is also in an 8x10” matt, also sealed in a bag. 

This one was a bit of work. I use heat n bond ultra for the cat, then embroider the background. The saying is made the same way I make my labels (post prior to this one). The pussy willows are made of quilt batting and glued in place. The stars and whiskers are made with metallic thread. 

Well, that’s this weeks post for me. What have you been working on? 

I’ve been working on baby boy cards and some small pouches recently, including wet bags. I’ll take pictures and show you those soon. 

Have a good weekend!