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Apr 8, 2021

Metal Born to Ride Card


After driving through rain, sleet and snow, we’ve been granted a sunny day today here in the Loops! I love playing around in my studio when the sun is shining so that’s where I spent some time today. I have a friend who is turning 60 soon. I took an old method and applied it to this card. I love making masculine cards.

To make this I grabbed some electricians tape, mixed media tools, regular necessities like double sided tape and some fun things like rub-ons, brads and Stickers. Then I remembered he loves to ride and is an avid musician - - and out popped a card! Like magic! 

Above is a photo of the taped piece so you can see what I did with it. It’s hard to get it to show up because it’s so shiny and reflective. I had some...oh man, I forget what they call it, but it gives you the waffle pattern underneath the tape. It has a sticky side so I just stuck it in place and put the tape over top of it. Then I grabbed my little tools and ran them over the seams, and since this was a motorbike card, I had random “tire prints” all over. I used the poky tool to make dots that look like rivets.

I used a retired stamp set from Stampin Up called Born to Ride that I got at a garage sale. 

A couple more photos. 

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Thanks for stopping in. Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend!

Apr 5, 2021

Beaded and Embroidered Fabric Card

Hi there,

Did you know there’s such a thing as Tim Holtz fabric? Well, there is and it’s gorgeous!!!

The picture doesn’t do it justice, they’re different all over, they’re vibrant and fun! Here’s some more pictures of the ones I bought - - yes, there are more available.

So I initially bought these to make pouches out of, but I had to make a card and I just couldn’t help myself. You guessed it, some of this gorgeous fabric went into making a card. It’s hard to do such a beautiful background justice without overdoing it. Too much isn’t good. 

I attached the fabric to a piece of card stock slightly smaller than the card. Then I beaded the flower onto the card and used embroidery floss for the stem and leaves. Added a tag and done. I couldn’t decide if it was beautiful or tacky, but I gave it to her and hoped for the best.

My girlfriend seemed to like it. What do you think of it? 

Don’t you love this fabric? It will make some nice pouches with either kraft Tex or denim. Can’t wait to play!

Well, have a good week!


Quick, Easy Cards with Webster’s papers

Happy Monday!

I’m just popping in quickly to share a couple of cards. I’m hoping to get a few made in the next while since my stash is getting a bit low. I have cards, but birthday cards go faster than other cards and that’s what I need. 

I have some Websters papers in my stash, and they’re the kind you hang onto because you love them so much. I was in a rush to get one of the cards made and these papers just make card making so easy. I basically cut them to size, added a couple of embellishments and was done. The card with the bird and cage took a bit longer, but was still pretty quick. 


I’ll be back with some guy cards soon!



Mar 20, 2021

Somewhere In The Middle

Hello Kamloops and beyond,

I’ve been thinking- - - Lol, lucky you!😜

The truth about the creative process is that it can be all over the place. My personal artistic journey is affected by so many other processes. Whether it’s mood, circumstances, supply limits, health, or unexpected surprises, whether good or bad - - any creative process is affected by our outside or inner worlds. I wonder if it has to be this way because art is an extension of our selves and our experiences.

This is also the reason I sometimes have several things on the go, although I prefer to go one by one. The truth is, sometimes I need a break from one project, and sometimes things come up that are a priority. I’m learning to go with the flow. 

Which brings me to somewhere in the middle — The title of this post. Today I’m going to post what’s  on my ‘desk.’ 

I’m looking forward to finishing this little pouch, but the zipper gave me some trouble, so after ripping it out twice, I put it aside for a while. I drew up the pattern myself and hope to complete it soon. 

I’ve been organizing my pearl cotton strands for thread painting. I’m practicing clouds, so the next piece is on hold until I get those down. I’m not sure what I want to use, so I picked up some yarn balls to see if they’re the right texture. 

Now these look like fun. These were sent to me by my good friend and artist, Diane Etcheverry from The Beaded Lime. You can find her on Instagram HERE. I compel you to check out her artistic works. Her needle felting is just amazing and she paints too. These were in a surprise package, just because!

I hadn’t considered using silk in my thread painting, but I’m actually really psyched to play with it. Should be fun! 

This is just a little peek of the kids painting I’m working on. I’ve just started it and am nowhere near done. The painting is in various stages. I have kind of a quirky whymsical side that pops up once in a while. This one will take some time to complete. 

I have lots on the go, and I’m dreaming of other projects as well. Life is just funny these days. I’m sure you all relate. I refuse to say the word since we are overwhelmingly inundated by it daily. Let’s just say we are blessed, life is still good, and the human spirit will never be stomped out!

So, what’s on your desk? 

Have a great weekend! 

Mar 4, 2021

Among Us Tooth Fairy Softies

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I sent a package to my grands in Fort Mac. One day I was looking at some adorable tooth fairy pillows and thought “hey! This might be something!” I was looking at little unicorn pillows and other cutesy ones. So I called their mom and she told me they’re into ‘Among Us.’ Now, I’ve heard of them, but that’s about it. So I went looking about the internet only to realize there’s no ‘Among Us’ tooth fairy pillows. 

I looked at some softies and thought it looked easy enough, so I made up my pattern pieces and out came a crewman! 

First I’ll show you what I was aiming for, in case you’re new to these too. Apparently they’re all the rage. Weird. 

Here is the pattern drawn up and transferred onto felt, then cut for sewing. 

I hand sewed a lot of this, but I did some machine sewing on the main body part. The backpack had to be hand sewn, as did the bottoms of the feet and the eye area. I always struggle with lighting, so here’s a few...

This one shows the side- - the red one is unfinished at this point.

And there’s the little pocket for the tooth. I am including little ziplocks so the pocket stays clean. 

Anyway. I started thinking — and that’s not always a good thing. I decided that this tooth fairy is a clumsy little thing who often forgets things or leaves things behind. Not to worry though, she can gift them, or pick them up when the next tooth falls out. I’m sure she will leave a little note behind when this happens.

What’s a fairy without a magic wand? Two, one for boy teeth and one for girl teeth. Sorry about the shadows!

Unfortunately, this fairy is so forgetful, she needs back up wands. You might find one of those laying around.

And I’m pretty sure every fairy has fairy dust on her at all times!

Now I’m not so sure about vials of silver and gold, but hey, why not?

Everyone loses a key once in a while. Why would fairies be any different?

Almost done, but we needed letterhead for the tooth fairy, a tooth chart and a way for the kids to write a letter to her. I found these at Handmade Charlotte. Adorable, right? 

Well, now I have to wrap them up and send them off along with some yummies. Oh, some of these things will be wrapped separately for mom and dad to use for the tooth fairy when a tooth comes out. I’ll have to mark that one TOP SECRET FOR MOM AND DAD ONLY! 

Just the crew mates and the letters to the tooth fairy are for the kids to unwrap. 

Some suggestions for what to write on those cards from the tooth fairy:

Thank you so much for the lovely tooth! It’s spectacular! I seem to have misplaced my magic wand, but I have to run! Please hang onto it for me if you find it! 

Love, The tooth fairy! ❤️

Oh no! My fairy dust has disappeared! If you find it you can keep it! Consider it a gift for all those lovely teeth you’ve left me! 

Love, the tooth fairy❤️

Oh dear! I seem to have misplaced my butterfly key! I’ll have to get a new one made so I can visit the butterfly gardens. Goodness! I’ll have to be more careful! PS: such a lovely tooth! Please keep taking good care of them! 

Love, the tooth fairy❤️

I was taking my gold/silver to the fairy bank when my wings got tired from the weight. So I’m just going to leave it here. Please take good care of it for me. You have the most beautiful tooth here! 

Love, the tooth fairy!❤️🧚🏼‍♀️

Thank you so much for this shiny tooth! Keep brushing and flossing!

Love, the tooth fairy❤️

Well, that was fun! I hope they enjoy these! If they’re not into it, they still have the softies! Win-win. 

Well, thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend everyone!