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Jun 30, 2019

Rice Bag Eye Pillows


My sister in law called me the other day and said "remember those eye pads you made for me about 20 plus years ago?" I didn't...but when she had sent me a picture, things began to get a little clearer and I vaguely remembered. So I looked up a pattern and made some more. 

These are kind of great because you can put these in the microwave (1-3 minutes), or the freezer. I prefer to make the rice bag removable so that my outer shell can be of any material. I used 100% cotton for the rice bag. 

They don't look like much, but hey, they work great! Wonderful for sore eyes, headaches, or even for swollen or sore body parts. You can easily make these larger and in a different shape.

This photo is showing you that I used velcro to close the top of the eye mask so that the rice bag can be removed to be heated or cooled. Notice those clips? Expensive little things, but so worth buying the good ones! 
Here they are ready to go. The white rice bags still have to be filled with rice at this point! 

I think I used 1/2 to 2/3 cup of rice in each. You will have to decide how much you want to use. You can use flax and you can also add herbs or essential oils. 

If you'd like the pillow pattern I used, click on this link to Sew4Home. I would suggest that you leave the top of the pillow flush if you'd like to use velcro to open and close it. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Jun 12, 2019

Father's Day Cards 2019

I love going to Craft Garage Sales! Where else can you get gently used card making supplies for a fraction of the cost? I picked up some Stampscape stamps for ridiculously cheap money, and lots of other items. For someone who really doesn't like shopping, I had so much fun!

It's Father's Day this weekend, so I thought I'd make some cards with a motorcycle stamp set I picked up there as well. These were simple cards since I was stretched for time. I'm hoping they get there before the weekend. 

The first two are very similar. I just want to point out the little wrench brads on the sentiments. Both of these were made using the same paper pack as well. 

The third card is a bit different. I used a Bo-Bunny black and white paper pad, a few black brads, and a couple of silver wrench brads. I did up the sentiment digi myself...it's easier than finding one. There's nothing really special about the sentiment - it's simple and that's what I wanted.

Well, that's all folks, have a great Father's Day


Apr 30, 2019

Using Up Cardstock Leftovers


I started a new category under 'Cards & Tags' on Pinterest called 'Cardstock, Use It Up!' It's kind of nice to use up leftover cardstock in a card. Here are a few of my pins to show some fun ideas! 

Paper Crafter's Library had this card to offer. I see about five different cardstock being used here! 

This one is on Splitcoast Stampers, made by Kylie Purtell. I love this card because it looks so elegant. You can add stitching instead of the spaces, or use ink.

I like the technique used in the following card. She has used circles of cardstock, glued them down and then used an embossing folder on it. This was made by Yellow Bear Stamping.

Here's a cute one from  As the Ink Dries, using a butterfly punch. Unfortunately, when this card was originally pinned, it wasn't pinned to the actual page, but I did leave a link to the blog. 

This is actually one of my pet peeves. You have to go to the actual post on a blog in order to link it properly. Most people just link to the blog home page, which changes every time they make a post.

This next one comes from an Australian blog called CCundy that has been removed, but the card is still on Pinterest. This card would be great to make for people who love to play with inks and have leftovers lying around. I thought this was a great idea and I may make a couple of these cards myself to have around. I will have to splatter a bit of acrylic paint on them because that's kind of what I like about these. Cute right?

Well, head on over to Pinterest and see if there's any more you can find. It's a fun way to use up leftovers! 

Have a great week, 

Apr 16, 2019

Easter = New Life!

It's almost Easter!

I have family coming for Easter dinner this weekend, so I wanted to make something to put at each place setting. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on stuff like that, and I'm not really into the bunny thing. I love bunnies, but I wanted to focus more on the meaning of Easter being new life. So I went to my trusty Pinterest and found a cute idea. 

I went to the Dollar store and found some little peat pots, some chocolate eggs and some Easter grass. It cost me about $5.00. I had the bakers twine and glue at home. 

I trimmed the top of the pots then turned the pots upside down and put a bead of glue around the rim of the pot. I just tied the bakers twine around it, making sure it sat in the glue and let it dry. Then made a bow. 

Turn them right side up, add the grass and the eggs and walla! 

I could have put another egg in them, but I ran out. I may just pick up some little chicks and add one to each pot. 

I would say that's representative of new life! 

Well, have a great week,

Apr 5, 2019

Spread a Little More Love!


Just a thought ~ ~ ~

Years ago I headed up a program called Secret Prayer Pals in a church I attended. It was quite a success. We started by picking names out of a basket. This would be our secret pal for a 10 month period. The commitment was to write an encouraging card to that person a minimum of once a month. You were allowed to give gifts, but it was not required or expected. Then at the end of the program we would have a revealing function where everyone would find out who their secret pals were for the year and where people gave a small revealing gift. It was interesting to see who got whom, and also the encouragement and small gifts people received throughout the time. Since then I handed it over to others, but it eventually died. I still love the concept though, but I wanted to change it a bit or broaden it, but didn't know how.

So when I saw this idea I thought it was pretty neat. This particular site was called "More love letters." 

The premise of this letter writing campaign is to write a letter to a stranger, or someone whose name has been submitted. Basically someone that needs to know they are loved, or that things are going to be ok. Just something encouraging letting them know that someone cares. 

I love the idea, but I don't want to join this particular program because it's in the US. I do want to write letters though, and address them to "Hello! If you find this letter, it's for you!" or "Read me!" or "Open me!"

Then leave them everywhere. 

That's really just what I want to try first. 

So I began looking around pinterest and found a few letter writing ideas for this. I love Pinterest --- it has everything on it. 

Here are some little notes from Coffee & Honeycomb. Adorable!! 

You don't even have to have an envelope. You can take a 12 X 12 piece of paper (or smaller) that has a design on one side, white on the other. Cut it in half and then fold it in half. You will have two 6"X 6" folded letters you can write something inside of. Then I'd stick a label on the outside. You could close it with a sticker or a glue dot or whatever. 

If you do use an envelope, you could decorate it --- just for fun. I tend to doodle a little on mine, but I've seen people use washi tape, stickers, etc. 

I love the idea of submitting a name of someone who is sick, someone struggling with depression, someone dealing with a loss, etc. You could make the world a happier place, and that's what we truly need these days! Maybe I should start something locally? 

Anyway, this sounds like fun to me. What do you think?