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Nov 19, 2022

Christmas Bookmark Cards

Last year I found a cute stamp on Pinterest called “Peaceful Night” from Woodward Crafts. It was too late to do anything at the time, but I ordered it and kept it for this year. 

These stamps are beautiful on cards done up with only gold or silver embossing powder, but I decided on white embossing powder and then painted them. 

I made the cards about the size of the clear stamp itself and ended up with a very slim card, about 6 1/2“(folded to 3 1/4) by 8 1/2”. I cut out an even slimmer inside panel wide enough to use the greeting which also came with the stamp.

Since I only have fairly standard sized envelopes, I came up with a possible envelope solution for these slim cards, but had to check the post office site first. Would they accept the envelopes I had in mind? 

Why yes, they would.

The photo above shows you the cards, the inside panel, clear envelopes and white paper. 

That’s correct, clear envelopes. 

I had bought bookmark sleeves a while ago for my envelope add-ins. I sometimes add a bookmark and a bag of tea to my cards to mail away. The clear sleeve helped keep them from slipping around.  These sleeves were also the perfect fit for the Christmas cards. 

I slipped a white piece of paper over the top of the card. This paper will contain the address and return address. The stamp will go on the top right so it can be cancelled. 

The back is fine as is. The envelope will be taped down on the back side. 

So these are my Christmas Bookmark Cards. They can be enjoyed as a card, then slipped into a book as a bookmark. 

I love it when my cards are re-gifted, framed, or can be used in another way. I’ll be looking for more tall skinny stamps to use in a similar way.

Will you? 


White Embossing powder
Versamark ink
Watercolor paints
Cardstock in black and white




  1. Carmen this certainly is an exquisite stamp - I have seen it around, but did not know where it came from. What a great way to keep your cards both elegant and functional by using a smaller size. Love our posting solution


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