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Jun 17, 2020

Painted Cards

Since I pulled out my papers to make some Father's Day cards, I thought I'd do some painting on cards. I've been doing quite a bit of painting on canvas lately which I'll show you in another post. However, these cards were painted in the last week. I've really been enjoying this process, more than I realized I would. They're so much fun to do!

This one I did last night. I wasn't sure if the paint would seep through, but the cardstock is nice and hefty.

This next one I made for my daughter in law. Her birthday is coming up!

I also did the envelope on this one and will probably do the same for the black card.

This one I’m currently working on. I used metallic watercolors which are lovely on a black background!

Back to my craft desk - I have more playing to do!




  1. Oh, enjoy your playing Carmen - your results are inspiring! Loving the cards you have shared thus far
    Stay safe

  2. Hi Carmen, these are awesome. What stamp set did you use for the leaf canopy on the last card? It is gorgeous!

    1. That one was done freehand with a white pen and then painted with metallic watercolors, but I got the idea from a stamp…it’s just been such a long time I can’t remember where from. I’m sorry!


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