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Oct 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Cornucopia of Crafts

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Have you had your Turkey yet, or are you having it tonight? Is it Turkey, Ham, or ? I know in Holland people sometimes have Salmon for dinner on special occasions like Christmas, so it's fun to hear what people actually do. We had Turkey with trimmings and it was really quite exceptional this year. 

Then we all wanted to have a big snooze. Turkey, you know. It's mellowing.

I was texting with my DIL who showed me some place cards she had made for their thanksgiving table which inspired me to do something too. Now this was at the 11th hour, and I had to do something quickly. I had been to our local "De-stash the Stash Garage Sale" at the Kamloops Indian Reserve a week ago and found these cute little feather diecuts for a fraction of the price. I decided to play with them. I used leftover scraps of designer cardstock and found a free printable. I didn't do any measuring and pretty much threw them together with a bit of glue, some twine and dbl sided tape. 

It dressed up the plain napkins a bit and added a flair to the table. Afterwards I decided to throw them on the table along with the flowers my sweet hubby gave me. I love the fall colors! 

Double Duty. Works for me --

What else have I been making? Oh, let me tell you, I've been makin' and shakin' up left overs.

Here's the lap blanket I made with leftover yarn. It was literally a "how should I use these yarns up" kinda project. It's very warm and basically consists of double crochets. The picture's a bit dark, but you can see the nice thick baby yarn I used.

I was looking around to see what I could do to use up some smaller bits of yarn leftovers and found that our local NICU was looking for premie booties, hats, etc. They make up about 30 packages for premie babies around Christmas time. So far I've made these. The minion booties aren't quite done yet. 

To give you an idea of the size: 

I have fairly small hands to begin with. These are teeny tiny and they're so soft and cute. Made of wool and true hemp.

I also had some waterproof PLU fabric left from other projects so made a few wet bags. The zippers were 8" zippers my husband had picked up for me in Vancouver while looking for 9" zippers. He had forgot his glasses. They were perfect for this project. Yes, the joy of forgetting your glasses and ending up with short zippers. I've had these sitting around for at least two years so it was good to find a good use for them. 

This was another 'throw together' kind of project. I straightened the sides of the fabric, and then cut 2" off the top. The bags are about 9" wide and a bit longer. 

Then I grabbed a couple of those 8" zippers, one for each bag. I sewed one side of the zipper to the 2" piece, another to the body. Then I folded the whole thing inside out (with the zipper open) and sewed along the sides and top. A little ironing around all sides after turning it right side out, and I had a use-able wet bag. These will also go to the NICU for the premie baby gift bags.

Last but not least, I just sold one of my paintings. I had just finished painting the sides and it's waiting for a varnish and a backing before it's ready to go. My paintings are oils done with a palette knife. This one was a tasteful nude. You can just see a bit of it in the photo below.

Finally, I wanted to turn you all on to Sweet Potato 3. The last few years she has been hosting a Cancer Challenge every October.
Different designers offer new crochet patterns each day of the week of October, and a different project on weekends. The deal is, you get a new pattern, but you agree to give at least one of the items you make with that pattern to a Cancer Clinic. You can make all 30 or 5 if you want. Every little bit helps!

Last year I made quite a few hats to donate. Our cancer clinic is in our hospital, so I brought them there. Sweet Potato 3 also has free printables you can attach to your finished product that states size, etc.

Well, that's it Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 

Gobble Till You Wobble! 

Carmen :)

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  1. Love your CAS place tags - they are gorgeous, as are your crochet and knitting projects!


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