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Jan 21, 2017

Warm Cozy Blanket, Written Tutorial

It's January, almost February in fact. As I look out my window, there are still piles of snow on the ground, but much of it is melting. While the weather was cold and somber, I used the time to catch up on some projects and make some future plans. 

I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately, but I do get in some sewing once in a while. I made blankets for two of my grandkids before Christmas, then found out their older sisters really liked them, so I made more and included another one for their other brother. 

These are made with fleece and printed flannellette. 

These are nice warm cozy blankets, and super easy to make with my method. 

My process was easy: 

1 metre of 45" printed flannellette
1.5 metres of 60"solid color fleece
Quilting pins
Quilting matt
Quilting ruler
Rotary cutter

Wash, dry and press the flannellette, since it is 100% cotton. 
Find your straight side and use this as your guide. Fold in half.
Fold in half again in the other direction.
*It is imperative you identify the length and width of your material before cutting.
Using a matt and a quilting ruler, measure 19" in the width from the fold
Cut with rotary cutter. 
Now measure in the other direction, 28" from the fold for the length. 
Use something round (small dessert plate), place it on the open corners (all 4 at once) so that you get a rounded corner
Cut with a rotary cutter.
Your cut blanket will be 38" x 56"

Lay your fleece out on a flat surface, right side up
Lay your cut flannellette on top, right side down. 
Pin the top of your flannellette to the fleece. Pull them off the flat surface and allow the fleece to stretch out properly. If you don't do this, you will have lumps in your fleece when you sew them together.
Now carefully lay it out again and pin it with quilting pins. When you lift them up, check again for stretch and re-pin if necessary.
Cut the fleece with scissors.

When sewing, it's best to use a walking foot if you have it, and a stretch needle. 
Sew around, leaving a one foot opening. 
Clip corners
Turn your blanket around. Press the seams down.
Sew the edge of your blanket right side out, closing the opening as you go. 

You may have noticed I didn't show you a completed blanket of the one with the little lambs on it. It's been gifted already to another granddaughter. I used a light pink fleece for that one.

The top brown and black blanket in the last photo is going to the grandson who is 14 and enjoys hunting. The fleece is black and therefore goes with everything, right?

They're up in Fort Mac, so I know they will be able to cuddle in and wrap themselves with these blankets for a while longer. I will be sending them up as soon as I get a little parcel together.

In a few days I'll be sharing some more crochet and my future plans. 

You have a good day now!



  1. Gorgeous blankets - I love the fleece/flannelette combination.

  2. Wonderful blankets and so neatly made

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Thanks Carmen!
    As I sit here freezing, I'm reminded of all the fleece and flannel I have at home in my sewing room waiting to be utilized. I now have a great idea!
    I love your blog and your awesome projects and ideas!

    1. Lol- and it would warm you up at the same time! Thank you, Barb! Hope you get some blankets made because these are easy and the kids love them too!


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