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Jan 25, 2017

Bobbles and Plans

Hello there,

I hope you're all feeling like life is showing some semblance of normal again. It seems that way for me. 

 My mother was always extremely artistic and she taught me how to sew, crochet and knit. Of the three, I gravitated towards sewing and crochet. In my last post I showed you some wonderfully cozy kids blankets with a written tutorial of my easy method, and today I have some crochet to show you.

There are some incredibly fun patterns on the internet, many of them free! On Facebook there is a Ravelry Free Patterns group you can join that focuses only on free Ravelry patterns, both knit and crochet. 

I also follow the Repeat Crafter Me Crochet group, which alerts you to different crochet patterns, although not all are free. I love Sarah's Repeat Crafter Me blog on which she features crafts, free crochet and crockpotting (is that a word? Sure, why not!). 

However, I found the patterns for the projects below on the Ravelry site, where I also have an account. You probably remember this first one. I made an adult hat and featured it on THIS post. The one below is a Toddler size of the same hat. I'm thinking of making matching elf booties. 

Bumpy Sleigh Ride Elf Cap

Look at all those BOBBLES. Fun!!

The free pattern for the photo below is called a Lego Block Scarf. However, to be honest, I completely changed the pattern because the original made tiny blocks. I will probably re-write it with some more changes to make it even easier. I want to make a girly one in pinks and purples. Cute hey? Kids are so into Lego these days. 

I received an email the other day from a follower on this blog asking if I have a pattern for my freezie holders. You may not remember them, so here's a photo of them.

I love any kind of writing, so I am currently working on a pattern for some of these, and will probably add a few more characters. I will also be doing the patterns up in two sizes for each one. Summer is a ways off, but I hope to have at least one set done in a few weeks.

In addition I am working hard on my crochet and sewing as I hope to start selling some of my work on Etsy and locally. I have had so many people ask me if I sell my creations, and I have made small attempts in the past at selling and been fairly successful. The biggest challenge is knowing what people want and what to charge. 

I will also be doing more paintings and hope to sell them, though I will probably be selling these locally. This will be my focus for this year. Wish me well.



  1. What a creative person you are and how lovely these projects are - love the gorgeous bobble hat

    1. Thank you Maxine! I'm surprised I didn't dream about making bobbles after that hat! Lol

  2. Good Luck with writing the pattern. I am no good at following crochet patterns at all and still on blankets lol.

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Blankets are fun to make too! Some patterns are hard to follow- I'm working on one now that's frustrating me a bit!


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