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Jan 3, 2017

Just Elfin' Around

Happy New Year!!

I hope you've all made it through Christmas without a hitch! As for me, I was SO SICK. I'm mostly better now. Still wheezing and coughing now and then, but able to function. 

I started working on these around the time I got sick and what a cute pattern this is! I found it on Ravelry, made by Beth Cranshaw. 

These super cute little Elf Boots come in sizes for a baby to an adult. It's a well written pattern that I really enjoyed making up. I would say you need some crocheting experience before trying these.

My biggest hurdle is taking good pictures of my items. I really need to take some lessons. I do have an old Canon camera, oh but for the learning curve -- I need more time!

Here's a few more pictures with a link to the pattern below. 

I just got the bell on the toe here but hadn't completed it yet.

These ones were the toddler size. I really want to make some in the baby sizes and with different colors. I was thinking medium pink, white and an aqua blue. You could do so many different color combinations and get them to wear them all year around. I'll post them when I make them.

You'll always know where your baby is -- jingle jingle. 

Here's the link to this adorable pattern. It's a paid pattern, but worth every penny. 

As you can see when you check out the link, Beth knows how to take good pictures. Sigh.

I'm going to be making some warm fuzzy blankets soon. I made some for two of my younger grandkids and got orders for a few more. They really are comfy little blankets, and so easy to make. The cold weather is here to stay for a few more months, so I've got time. 

Have a good week,



  1. Those are so cute! Glad you are starting to feel better!

    1. Thank you! Me too!! It's been a long haul and all through Christmas. Glad to be feeling better!! 😊

  2. What gorgeous wee shoes - love your colours and your thoughts to make them for babies too. Sorry to hear you were so unwell, especially over Christmas.


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