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Jun 9, 2015

Freezie Holders for Little Fingers!

Somebody throw a bucket of water on me! Please!! 

Well, maybe I'll just take a cold shower.

Seriously though, it is 83 - 85F in here the last few days. I have two portable AC units running all day, the blinds are all closed and it's still hot in here. Cooking is not happening this week. We are in the middle of a heat wave and without central air, we have to deal with the heat. 

So what do I do? I crochet, of course. Too hot to do anything else! Lol --

My DIL in Ft. McMurray sent me a photo of some adorable freezie pop holders/covers/cozies - whatever you'd like to call them. They're made to keep little fingers from freezing while sucking back a freezie. So I looked at a few and then went about making my own. Well, they're for the grandkids, of course.

So far I've made a minion, minnie mouse, an owl, a zombie and a frankenstein. I only had little freezies to put in them today, but these are open ended so that you can slide the bigger ones up as you eat them.

And yes, I'm sucking back a freezie as I type! 

The older kids like the zombie but they haven't seen Frankenstein yet. I'm working on a Mickey Mouse and a Ninja Turtle. I also plan on making a few others. These are fun and they work up in an hour or so. Great while watching TV or listening to music. Plus they'll keep those little fingers from freezing up in this heat! Freezing up in this heat? Us humans are a conundrum, aren't we?

Gotta say I'm looking forward to this -- especially the heat part right now:
"They will hunger no longer, nor thirst anymore; nor will the sun beat down on them, nor any heat -"
Rev 7:16

Have a good day!


  1. Too cute! You are lucky you can make your own patterns just by looking at another! Bet they love them!

  2. Do you have patterns written for these & the ones you're working on? I'd love to be able to purchase the patterns.

    1. To be honest I hadn't thought to write up a pattern, but I certainly could! I'll see what I can get made up in the next few weeks. I'll post it on my blog when they're completed.

  3. Thank you so much! That is wonderful- you're fabulous!!!

    1. Debbie, the patterns are now available on Ravelry. Click on my 'Home' button and it should be one of the first few posts.

    2. Thank you SO very much! You're amazing!

  4. If there's any from the original post that you wanted but are not there, send me an email!

  5. how can i get the pattern??!! this is the bomb!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks! Glad you like them! The pattern is in my Etsy shop@ https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/carmensplace


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