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Jun 5, 2015

Save Money!

                                                                        Source: Cliparts.com

I have a friend. Actually, I have several friends, but this particular friend loves to go to Garage sales. I've watched in fascination as she supplied her daughter with a hope chest filled to the brim with almost new stuff from garage sales for pennies on the dollar. Her other daughter received many items in almost new condition to fill her baby room. It's amazing how well she does at these sales. She says that she often finds things that people received duplicates of that are in brand new condition. Toasters for $2, for example.

Since I've been in the mood to simplify (so far I haven't missed a thing), I've given away or got rid of a lot of things. However, there's something to be said for garage sales, as long as you're buying what you actually need!

The other day my pregnant DIL and I went to some local garage sales. I could not believe the deals she found; a baby swing in almost new condition for $5; a milk pumping kit (these are $200 and up new) for $20, plus quite a few other things.

I found a 12 place setting of dishes in almost new condition. I needed them and I was looking at about $100 for an 8 place setting, but bought these for $15. I'm happy and I don't care that they're not brand new. I threw them in the dishwasher and they're ready to use.

Yes, I'm SOLD on garage sales. I'm starting a list of things I need and will be looking now that garage sale season is in full swing. Getting a great deal makes me feel good and saves me money. What's not to like about that?

Have you ever gone to garage sales? Do you find good stuff and do you save lots of money? I'd love to hear.

Anyway --

Here's a little BONUS video tip I found. I love using binders for my stickers, handmade cards I've received, even stamps!

Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. Carmen, I LOVE going to garage sales. It is one of my favourite things to do in the summer and my hubby loves it too. Those dishes you got are gorgeous and look like you paid a lot of money for them. A couple of weeks ago I got a calligraphy set and a water colour kit, both hardly used and I paid about $5 for both. At another sale on that same day I picked up a whole bag full of lace, ribbon and stamps for next to nothing. I also bought a solid wood 3-drawer dresser for $15. It now holds all of my stamps, punches and tools that were too heavy for the plastic storage bins I had been using. And guess what? I got all of this in one morning of garage sale shopping. :)

    The important thing to keep in mind is, "If I can't use it right away, or I don't really have space for it, it stays." Years ago I picked up a lot of things that I ended up not using. My treasures became clutter so that was not a good thing. Now I am more disciplined in my garage sale shopping and it is much more enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing the tip about storing stickers, stamps and cards in binders. Have a great weekend.


    1. I know hey, Teresa!! You have to look, but there are some great deals to be had! I am a frugal shopper and don't spend money easily, but this has all kinds of possibilities for me! Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. I was bidding on an old Kitchen Aid mixer on Ebay and was up to $150.00 when my husband walked in from garage sale shopping. He bought one for $10.00 and a Cuisinart food processor for $5.00. Both in wonderful condition. Unfortunately we moved from a big city to a tiny town where everyone tends to hold onto things so garage sales now aren't that great. He bought boxes of screws, nails, bolts and nuts for pennies on the dollar which comes in handy since we live 25 miles from our tiny town. You can get great bargains from garage sales!

    1. It's truly amazing what you can get at garage sales! You got some great deals!!

  3. So happy you found some pretty dishes you could use! Those are really nice! And your DIL found some things also. It's takes discipline to go to yard sales and just get what you "need"! lol... I don't get to many, because I can't drive due to Meniere's. But I go to one occasionally. I did find some great new condition, stuffed animals for a kid's charity and a little Hello Kitty storage cubbie for some scrapbooking supplies. I also found a fabric Igloo cooler that repurposed great to store my Embroidery machine in. Sturdy and zips to keep my machine dust free, and it was only $5. .
    Thanks also for sharing the organizing video! Great tips on there for storing stickers and supplies!

    1. That fabric cooler sounds perfect! You've done pretty well when you have been able to get out! I love a good deal!! :)


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