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Feb 15, 2015

Top Ten Of All Time!

As a blogger I love to write blog posts and share my creations with you. It is so much fun!

However, when it comes to keeping track of the numbers and all the details involved, marketing skills, and grouping -- I don't really shine. Truthfully, that has become such an important part of being a successful blogger, especially in recent years, that it is a necessary part of blogging. 

So here I am, bringing you my top ten. I feel a little guilty about this because I'm not even sure it really truly counts as an original blog post, but hey...everyone's doing it. I know this far from encompasses what it'll take to be a successful blogger, but that'll take time, unlike Rice Krispie Squares! 

There were some surprises!   My Christmas posts are the most popular overall. Two of them are Sleigh Rides. Perhaps it is because I started doing them prior to Pinterest becoming really popular. Valentine images are also popular. 

The surprises to me? The Page, the Elf Boot and the Mushroomville Digital. I had no idea.

Here we go from 1 to 10: 

#1 Sleigh Ride #3 (A collection of Christmas ideas, recipes, decor, etc.)
by Crazy Domestic
#2 Digital Stamps Page

This was not even a post but is a page on my blog ( See above) . It's crazy, but a LOT of people look at this page. It's more of an informative page about Digital Stamps, what they are, how to use them, etc.  

By: Beyond the Fringe Crafts

Also found HERE
By: Beyond the Fringe Crafts
By: Beyond The Fringe Crafts
#5 Sleigh Ride #2 (A collection of Christmas recipes, ideas, decor, etc.)
By: Coley's Corner
#6 Primitive Angel Freebie
By: Beyond the Fringe Crafts
#7 Primitive Snowman Digital
By: Beyond the Fringe Crafts

#8 Free Heart Tree Digi's (Various colored Heart Trees and one blank)

#9 Awning Card (There were several Digitals made to be used with this card)
By: Beyond The Fringe Crafts
#10 Mushroomwille Digital Stamps
By: Beyond The Fringe Crafts

I guess it's good to look once in a while. I'd sure hate to get caught up in the numbers though! My steampunk images were so popular when I came out with them, that I'm very surprised not one made the top ten. I guess that's why you have to look!

In Other News:

I'm still working on my kitchen. Almost everything that needs to be painted, is now painted. So happy!! 

On the not so happy front, I just found out that the counters are not going to be in until the 20th (2 weeks later than previously indicated to me!!).  

"Patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue......."

I'm just going to keep telling myself that. Unfortunately, the kitchen update will have to wait.

Have a good week and be kind to everyone you meet!


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  1. I don't know a thing about blogging, but did think your top ten interesting. Love your stuff! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. Have a great day!


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