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Feb 6, 2015

Pouches and Kitchen Update!


It's that time of year in Kamloops when it's nice enough to go for a walk, but when you do, you end up with a cold! Yes, it's been a congested couple of days, but I'm still thinking of going for a walk today. It's good exercise! 

Anyhoo... Fabricland had a huge sale on, so I hurried over there and bought a bunch of fabric, quilt batting and interfacing.

O0oOh Lordy--it's so delicious!

You have no idea how good it makes me feel just to look at this. Aaaaahhhhh.

It's kind of ridiculous!

I also bought some fabric from Spoonflower. I have a SUPER talented girlfriend who (in addition to many other arts & crafts) makes up fabrics in a shop called Purplelime. She made this print and I just love it! When it came in the mail the other day, it brought about all kinds of happiness! :))))

 She has a bunch of fabrics available - if you like this one, you should definitely check her out!

Diane is also on Facebook, as The Beaded Lime where she showcases many of her creations. She does coloring book pages, jewelry, and more.

As for Fabricland, I can't wait until the zippers go on sale!

I've also made some more pouches. This is the first one. I love blue and green together and this print is great! So I used what I had leftover for another bag, although the inside is completely different...that's a really bright lime green in there! Yum! This one says "lovables" on the front.

Here is the second one...more subdued tones.

The third one is like another I made. This one with the music notes seems to be popular. Great for someone who loves music! The front reads "It's So You!"

On the home front, it's truly been a busy couple of weeks working on the kitchen -- and the rest of the house. It seems the older I get, the more I have a need for simplicity in my life. Does anyone relate? Well, it turns out simplicity comes with a lot of chaos, initially. 

When I decided to replace my kitchen counters, it turned into a whole lot more. I have painted my walls and my cupboards have been touched up and will soon be ready for painting. All my switches and plugs have been replaced, along with their plates. I have bought a new bi-fold door for my pantry to replace a very ugly dark accordian door -- remember those? I am doing something with the bi-fold door which I will show in a later post. If I remember to take pictures. If not, I'll show you the finished product. 

Regarding other crafts and such, all my soaping supplies have left the building! It was SO HARD! I love homemade soap, but I just don't have the space to store everything. I will still do a bit of melt and pour when the craving hits, but I sold almost everything else. 

Anyway, I am waiting for the call on the counters. Hopefully in my next post I'll be able to show you the finished kitchen. 

Stay happy!

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