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Jun 30, 2012

Industrial Metal Foil Frame


I got into playing with the Metal Tape today. I've given the technique a name and called it "Industrial Metal," I think it fits!

It's a very masculine technique that would work well for men's cards or gifts.

Remember a while back when I did up some $1.50 wooden frames with the Ridgeview residents? Well, I had a few left over, so I decided to alter one of them. It was covered with pink designer paper...but not anymore! Here is the completed frame.

Have you ever seen anything more masculine in your life? ]

Anyway, I did a bit of a tutorial of sorts...only I had put the tape on before I realized I should take photos. Remember there's a video on that a couple of posts below this one. 

Here's where I started:
I gathered up some old watch parts and chains. I made some metal foil tape embellishments out of cardstock and corrugated cardboard and added brads to them.
Here's the frame with the magic mesh, the tape and the 'rivets' already in place.
In this photo I've added black acrylic paint onto the frame and the embellishments, and then wiped and dabbed them with a baby wipe and a tissue. And yes, if you're like me you will have paint on your hands, underneath your nails, on your elbows, and who knows where else...
I attached the embellishments with Glossy Accents and let it sit and dry hard. Technically, you could leave it like this...I like this look as well. However, I added Inka Gold to it, using the silver, hematite and a copper tone (sorry, I can't remember the name of the color).

Here are some close ups:

I wish the completed picture up top was a better photo, but they're kind of hard to photograph because of the reflection. You get the just of it anyway.

Well, that's all for today! 

A couple more thoughts:

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. Prov. 27:17

And, I know it's Saturday night, but 

Happy Canada Day, Canada!!

I love my country! 



  1. This is gorgeous Carmen....lovely and masculine, I always run short of ideas for the guys! Did you happen to have old watch parts lying around the house, or can you buy those? All I have is a couple of posts for the strap lying around.
    Well done, you have fabulous ideas!

  2. Yes, Graham's uncle is a retired missionary, but he also used to repair watches and clocks in his spare time. His wife used to make these incredibly intricate clocks out of old leftover watch parts! They were amazing clocks! Never seen anything like that again. They eventually gave all the watch parts and tools, etc. to us. So those parts are out of that stash.

  3. Love this frame :) really nice job on it...great idea!

  4. Awesome!!! I love what you've done with this, Carmen. I made a wall hanging using this technique a few months ago, but never thought to try a frame. It is a terrific gift for a guy. I really like the embellishments you made. Hugs & blessings!!!

  5. Very fun Miss! I still want to give it a try--hose kids keep getting in my way. Maybe I should have them do it too. You are fortunate to have the watch parts. I think we can find some broken ones from over the years. Why do we keep them? Well, now that I craft, they will come in handy.
    Carmen, did you check your forehead for paint??!!

    1. Lol...none on the forehead...this time! :)

  6. Enjoyed seeing your process. Inspiring. Thanks.


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