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Jun 27, 2012

Some Soapy Goodness

I finally got some more soaping done. 

Today I made a loaf of glycerin soap that combined Pear, Apple and Gingerale. I'm not sure what to call it, but it smells good!
They're kind of fun looking, aren't they? Almost like a nougat. It's my first attempt with whipped glycerin on top. I'm not terribly impressed, but it's still useable. Back to the drawing board!
Here's one held up to the window with the light shining through some of the clear soap. Fun!

I also made up small samples of some soaps for my girlfriend to take into work. Since I'm not a company or anything, it's fun to just play with these. Hey, if I can make some money on the side, all the better.
I've only have one bar of Satsuma and one Aloha glycerin soap left, and I didn't even have any Satsuma for samples. So it's time to make more of those!
Well, that's all for today! Hope your week is going well!

One more thought:

Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit in me!
Psalm 51:10



  1. Your new soap turned out so pretty, Carmen. I like the whipped cream. Having nougat in the name would be perfect, because it does look like nougat. I hope you sell some of your wonderful creations. Hugs!!!

  2. Love seeing the different combinations yomake. I am not that adventurous. Hugs, Ursula

  3. Wow, this soap looks so beautiful! Really like it! I've never tried making soap myself but my fingers are itching when I see your projects! Made some bath fizzies before, but those soaps beat everything :)


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