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May 23, 2012

Cards and Mirrors

Just checking in to show you what I've been up to.

I finally got the Ridgeview card done and prepped up the pieces for the ladies to put together this Friday. I do up enough for about 15 cards. If there's any left, I may use them for my Dads. One for Graham's and one for mine--only I'll upgrade them a bit.

Here's the card:
I made it fairly plain and simple. We did the frames last time and I think it was a bit overwhelming for them. They were so proud of them once they were done! 
Anyway, here are some of the card pieces I have ready. I also have a package of brads, buttons, some waxed string, ink and stamps for the inside. They love to stamp! 
The car images and some of the backgrounds are Graphic 45--many of their papers work great for masculine cards!
I've also started working on another Teacup Mirror. I thought I'd show you parts of the process in the next couple of posts if I remember to take photos. Below I have painted the wood frame with white acrylic paint--these are the Malma Frames you can find at Ikea. I covered the mirror with tape before painting.
Look at all the teacups. It's a little overwhelming isn't it? Told you I needed a craft room!
I will probably have to break more of them once I decide what color scheme to go with. I may even just do a floral one. I have lots of cups with blues in them and I have little dutch klompen, etc. I think I'll stick with a more general theme for this one though.

There are so many ways you can dress these up. I've used strings of rhinestones and pearls, jewelry, little spoons, little tea sets, etc. 

As for the glue, I'm still trying to find a better quality glue though mine has lasted for years with only one minor repair. 

If you haven't already seen these finished, click on 'Teacup Mirror' if you'd like to see it now. 

That should keep me busy for a few days.

I'm hoping to get some work done in our yard today too. I mowed yesterday, but it's still begging for some fertilizing, more water, and some manicuring! It gets pretty dry here in the summers and I'm a horrible gardener (ya, my husband married a dutch woman thinking I'd be out there in my klompen showing everyone up with my gorgeous yard). Hahahaha! 

Well, have a nice day!


  1. Hi Carmen, do you do a craft class regularly? I work with the elderly most of my ladies are 84 - 94 !!

    1. Hi Angela, I do the Ridgeview card class once a month. My ladies are in the same age range as yours! They are such nice ladies. I really enjoy them! I am currently applying to teach card classes at a local scrapbook store that is opening soon too. :)

  2. Nice cards :) that's quite a collection of tea cups! I love the mirrors you do :)

    1. Thank you Nancy...yes, I like collecting! Lol...now to make something with them!


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