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May 25, 2012

Free Sentiment Digi's and more...


First I would like to welcome all my new followers! Thank you for following, and I really hope you enjoy stopping by my little corner of the Web!

I would also like to thank those of you who have made donations for some of my digi's. Most of them are free, but there are a few that are now watermarked.

This post is going to be a hodge-podge of a few things. First, here's where I'm at with my Teacup Mirror. At this point it's a matter of placing and moving things around. I have less than a week to complete it. I'm hoping it'll be a quiet weekend so that I can get it done! 

I've been making more soap as well. This one is a glycerine bar that has a wonderfully clean, fresh scent with a tiny little touch of sweetness. I love it. I don't have a name for it yet, but that's okay.  The bottom two bars are my attempt at a layered soap...it wasn't working so I decided to swirl it a bit. In the end I guess they look okay.
Plus, here's a few sentiment freebies.

Hope you like them!

As for things around here...I'm no gardener, but we did get the yard fertilized (well, my son did it).

We hung up some of my mini rose buds to dry (well, my hubby did it). Now that the weather has heated up, they should dry fairly quickly.

I'll be using them on my soap (and yes, I'll definitely be the one doing that!!) :)

Anyhoo...that's it for now! Enjoy the weekend!



  1. I am not finding your freebies attached anywhere. I am lost. Would you please help me? I love them and hate not being able to download your specials.

    Thank you,
    Patty Mowery

    1. Hi Patty, I've emailed the info to you. If you still have trouble, let me know and I can attach them to an email for you.

  2. Carmen, you inspire me so much, I love the soaps and the blue and swirls, I may have to give it a try. Thank you for your awesome digi's . I love getting up in the morning and having your e-letters in my e-mails. Thank you bunches hugs Cathy

  3. Thank you so much Cathy! That is a truly sweet comment!

  4. Your song sentiments are perfect for so many cards. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. You're welcome Theresa! Let me know if you use one on a card and I'll feature it here and link back to your blog!

  5. These are lovely sentiments. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for the sentiments freebie. I really like the way you've set them up; the spacing and the fonts you used --- VERY NICE!!!! Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead. Enjay xo

  7. Thanks so much for the freebies, and your soap looks awesome. :) Hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. THank you for the sentiments. Look forward to seeing the finished mirror project. The soaps look lovely.

  9. Thanks so much for the freebie sentiments, Carmen! These are great! Appreciate you sharing them!

  10. Love them. You are an angel. Thanks so much. Lynne from OZ

  11. Thanks for the word art. They are appreciated.

  12. As much as I love those teacups, I can't help but admire your creativity! Truly one of a kind art piece! Thanks also for these lovely song sentiments! :)

  13. Your sentiments are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Yes, you are a busy gal!!
    So loving the teacup mirrors. I want to make one!! How the heck do you cu the cups??!!
    Some sentiments this time.


Thanks for the comments!