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May 19, 2012

First Anniversary Card, Free Sentiment


I'm here to show you a card I made for my brother and his wife. This weekend they are celebrating their FIRST wedding anniversary! So I just couldn't buy them a card...it had to be homemade.

I kind of feel like I threw this together but I hope they'll like it. It's the first card I made in my new scrapbook 'studio'. :)

I can't show you the inside, because I wrote in it already. 

I always seem to do that...I think it's because I work on things at the last minute so I'm in a hurry. Then I remember I still have to take a photo of it!

Anyway...the inside reads "and the Fairy Tale continues." 

This card really describes them well. I can SO see them doing this! I know...it's a little discomforting, but it IS their first year of marriage after all. Lol...

Anyway, here's the Sentiment Digi Stamp, so if you have some sappy friends that are celebrating a young anniversary - maybe you can even use it! Haha...

J & J....I LOVE YOU! 
Congratulations on how well your Fairy Tale is going...and you're not really sappy. Well....yeah...maybe a little bit! ;0)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Great card Carmen. Love the background and the two lovebirds(cute,that one has a little feather) Thanks for the sentiment.

  2. Wow..awesome sentiment and your card is awesome as well. Thank you.

  3. Gorgeous card Carmen, love the birds and cage, such a lovely image.Great sentiment..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. Your card is great and so is the sentiment. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is what my grandmother says after I tell her I love her. I think I will send this sentiment to her on a card. She has Alzheimer's and I am so glad she remembers me at the moment. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks so much for all these great images. I snagged those from the past week and love all of them!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing... Your card is absolutely beautiful, and I love the sentiments.

  8. Oh this is sooooo cute - my grandkids and I say this alllll the time!!! TY!!! This is special! :)

  9. Fabulous card, love the papers, image and sentiment, thanks for sharing.

  10. Great card Carmen, I usually post mine and then remember about photographing them!! Did you have a problem with Free Digital Stamps missing your links at one time? recently i had a problem and I have a new email for them freedigitalstamps@gmail.com hugs Angela

    1. Hi Angela! Lol...I've done that before too...or given a card away and realized I forgot to take a picture of it. I noticed that Free Digital Stamps sometimes missed a freebie in the past, but now they feature my blog in their sidebar. So even if they miss them on the post of the day, people can still find me there. It seems the girls that are doing it now are usually pretty thorough.

  11. This is a lovely card and thanks so much for the sentiment. hugs. Lynne from OZ

  12. Oh this is so cute and very beautiful card! The stamp paper of the card very interesting and so cute. The colors and its flowers style are very awesome. Fabulous card and I love its paper and stamps style. Thank for sharing with us.

  13. (I am catching up on your posts. I am behind, and I needed a lift.)
    This card is darling!! I like how you mixed an older/vintage b. cage with modern birds. I really like the sentiment and had planned to use the sent for my own anniversary, but ran out of time. Maybe make a card of love just because.

  14. What a wonderful sentiment! Thanks for sharing. Pat K.


Thanks for the comments!