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May 28, 2012

Completed Teacup Mirror

Hi there!

Happy Memorial Day to all my American followers! 
Check out the bottom of this post for a link to some free printables.

Just popping in to show you the completed Teacup Mirror I made for a Fundraiser. I showed you some of the progress in a couple of earlier posts, so this is a continuation of the process along with the completed mirror. 

These are very time consuming, fiddly and frustrating to make, but the end result is so worth it. The photos really don't do it much justice because they truly do look nicer in real life. 

Anyhow, I'll just post a bunch of photos, carrying on from where I left you.
In the photo above, I placed the cups in different positions and had pretty much decided to go with mostly this design. However, when you put them together, things do change. I use a pencil mark for guidelines.
Here most of the cups are glued on and awaiting embellishment. At this point I removed the mirror because it was dirty, so I continued without it in there.
I've used rhinestones to embellish on most of my other mirrors, but this time I used pearls, which I felt was more in keeping with the flowery teacups. Most of the cups had some gold on them which didn't look good with the silver rhinestones. I added a cup and saucer, some buttons, a spoon which I had to fix. There was nothing on the top of the spoon, so I glued on a little heart charm, exactly like the one on the bottom of the frame.
Here's a close up of the spoon. I'm realizing I shouldn't have put the same heart charm so close to the spoon...oh well, too late now! I don't think people will notice it right away. Shhhh...
Some more embellishments close up.
Almost done....thankfully...I have to make a card for my sisters anniversary and she'll be here Wednesday. Plus I want to make a soap cake and a Dutch Apple Torte before they get here.

Okay...are you ready for the completed Teacup Mirror?
I have an acetate butterfly which will be glued onto the top right cup. I couldn't decide if I wanted it on there, but after seeing the photo, I think it needs it.

I do not have a digi for you today, but I do have a link to some free printables that are themed for Summer and July 4th. Check out Blooming Homestead to get those! I'm sure you'll find more interesting things if you take the time to look around her site, and please do right by me -by leaving her some love!

Thanks for stopping by! :0)


  1. I'm at a loss for words!! It's gorgeous and so unusual - well done.

  2. Ik ben sprakeloos, Carmen...wat is dit een aparte en prachtige spiegel geworden...heel origineel....en ik denk idd dat een vlinder rechtsboven niet zal misstaan...geniet van je Hollandse appeltaart!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Really beautiful, Carmen! Truly a treasure to whoever will own this!

  4. Wow I do so love teapots and tea cups...this is absolutely gorgeous....I never would have thought of this, but it is great!

  5. This turned out so gorgeous :) love it!

  6. Hij is mooi geworden!! Alleen vind ik het jammer dat de kopjes stuk moeten, maar ja anders lukt het niet om ze te plakken...

    O heerlijk, appeltaart! Die heb ik vorige week ook gebakken voor mijn jarige man en de visite.
    Geniet er van!

    Liefs Yolanda

  7. What a beautiful project. Thanks for sharing! Norma W

  8. This turned out to be so lovely and creative. What an inspiring project.

  9. Oh, this is so cute cute and what a delight to tea lovers! Thanks for sharing.


  10. Wow, what a unique way to use beautiful old teacups. :)

  11. Maégnifique! je fais moi aussi des cadres ou des tableaux avec de la vaisselle cassée mais je rencontre souvent des problèmes de collage... encore bravo.


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