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May 30, 2012

Marriage is a Symphony Sentiment

Hi there,

I'm just popping in to give you a sentiment. I have company coming tomorrow and I am NOT ready! I did manage to get the card made for my sister and brother in law for their anniversary. Here's the sentiment I used on it.

And here is the card... I am focusing on the music in the background...plus the fact that birds sing! The birds are blue because I was thinking of blue birds of happiness. Not sure it was such a great choice with the red! I used a silver string for the chain of the bird cage and just knotted it a few times.
The inside...plain and simple.
Here's what else I've been up to...
Who knew my mini rose bushes would come in so handy? I only wish I had more colors...purple would have been nice! 
In case you were wondering what they were laying in...

Someday in the near future, I'll show you what I'll be using them for. Care to guess?

Happy Anniversary to Vern and Izzy! Love you guys and hope you didn't see this card on the blog! 

Have a good week!


  1. Ik vind je kaart prachtig, Carmen...de kleuren zijn heel mooi bij elkaar! Liggen je roosjes op het deksel van een slacentrifuge???
    xxx Margreet

    1. Thank you Margreet! De Roosjes zijn aan het drogen (?). Ze liggen up een dehydrator.

  2. Ik vergeet helemaal te zeggen dat ik de tekst heel mooi vind...zeker in combinatie met het muziekpapier!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Thanks for the sentiment Carmen and the card is beautiful!

  4. What a pretty sentiment. Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks for the lovely sentiment! I know your project will be another hit and unique! ;)

  6. A beautiful card, Carmen. Very lovely colors.


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