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Mar 19, 2012

Smoking Pipes Digi Stamp

Hi there,

I've been scrambling to come up with a digi stamp I could do up for you. Sometimes I go through blank periods where I just can't think of anything. One thing I've learned is that just because an image doesn't necessarily appeal to me, it may be just the thing someone else was looking for. So -- I have some simple pipes for you today. Any pipe smokers in your family?
Not sure why I came up with those...but there you have 'em! 

To tell you the truth, my mind has been occupied with soap making information lately. I can see them all done up in my minds eye, but I can't make them yet. 

Also, I am babysitting my grandkids this week and my brother and his family are coming over this weekend, but hopefully after that I can get to work preparing my downstairs craft room. There's a bed standing in my way that has to be moved first. 

The good news? I picked up a bunch of soaping supplies and they're just waiting for me to whip them up into something pretty that smells heavenly! 

Patience me pretties...it'll happen soon! :0)

Well, it's time for bed! Have a good night all!


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  1. These are wonderful. =) Yes, you sure are right about someone else might find this a perfect addition to their crafts, if it isn't for you. :)


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