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Mar 22, 2012

Postage Stamp Freebies

I can't believe we're just about into the weekend again! Time sure does fly! So, it's a quickie post again with an important message at the end!

Since some of you are really enjoying these, I have some more postage stamps for you today! First some houses...

I love this next one with the bears! Too cute!
Dinosaurs are always fun too!
I hope you can use these for your scrapbooking!

*Now onto something a little more serious* 

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have been very distracted the last while. My husband has had several health issues, and we are in the process of making some changes in our lives. Some necessary changes, and some positive changes - all of them good!

Due to this my Digi's have been few and far between lately. Please be patient with me while I'm dealing with some extra things. 

Thanks for understanding!



  1. Carmen, just remember this....FAMILY FIRST AND ALWAYS.....these are words to live by, sweetie....just take care of yours, and we'll still be here, when hubby is better. Look after you, too!

  2. Wishing your husband well. Take all the time you need Carmen - family comes first. We'll still be here...:-)

  3. You need to take care of you and yours first - that's a priority over digi images!! Thank you for these cute postage stamps, and I hope things go well for you and your DH!

  4. Family and health ALWAYS comes first, Carmen. Anyone with any decency understands that. You take whatever time you need to get things on an even keel again, and we'll wait patiently for you. Thanks for all the freebies you've given away in the past. I admire your creativity and your generosity. Thank you!

  5. Hi Carmen, just sending love and best wishes for you and your dh. Don't stress over posting - it's not important, you and your dh are!!

  6. Hi Carmen, like the others above have posted-family is most important. Hugs to you and hope your husband gets better soon.


  7. Carmen, I appreciate and love every digi and image you send , they are awesome but on a side note, family comes first and we can just work around what you need to do with your husband. I will be praying and you just take care of him. Hugs Cathy K

  8. Hi Carmen, like everyone above have posted: Family and health are far more important than blogging or digi's. We'll still be here and will support you.
    I truely hope your hubby will recover from whatever it is he is suffering from. Take good care of him and don't forget yourself!!

    Hugs, Yolanda


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