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Mar 27, 2012

Freebie Sentiment and a Little "Tut"

Hey there!

Well, it sounds like Blogger will be making some changes.  

I seriously hope they don`t change everyone to Dynamic Views because I like the way my page is set up now -- the fact that you can see other blogs that I think are good; that you can navigate my blog through the labels, archives, by scrolling; that my 'pages' show up at the head of my blog (home, about us, digi shop, etc.); that I can offer a blog button; etc, etc, etc! 

I don`t want to have to use their templates, which are not whimsical or much fun in my opinion! :(

Sorry Blogger.

I guess it's my option to opt out or continue on if they do.  I know some Bloggers have gone to Wordpress, but honestly, that's another learning curve! Ah well, we'll see how things go!

Okay - enough of that. Here's a freebie sentiment I did up for you! 

A Little Tutorial:

Once you insert any multiple image png file into Word, you can crop it down to the single image you want (so you don't have to print all the images up at once).
I'm assuming you have inserted the png image file into Word already. 

-Click on 'format' and then 'crop'
-Crop the part of the sentiment or image you want to keep using the handles that pop up around the images. 
-Now to resize it just click outside the image and the resizing handles will show up. Now go ahead and resize the image to the size you want it.
That's it! Print it off.

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  1. Wow, I knew there had to be a way, but I hadn't noticed that crop button. Thanks! I'll have a lot more fun now...

  2. I don't like the proposed Blogger changes either! I like being creative with my blog design :( Love your blog!

  3. This is a great sentiment! It's so me! lol.. I am so bummed about the blogger thing. I love my blog just the way it is. Where did you hear they were changing? I wasn't able to find anything. Shouldn't they let us know first???? Thanks for sharing! Have a super day! hugs..

    1. Thanks Daizeefli! There's a pop up on my dashboard that states their plans of a new look. When checking up on it, I read that they plan on changing everyone to dynamic views in April 2012; you can change back...but only temporarily.

    2. Here is a link explaining it a bit better. http://buzz.blogger.com/2011/10/update-bloggers-new-look.html
      They don't actually say it'll be dynamic views, but give you the option. It sounds like maybe it's just the dashboard that is changing. Hope so!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I haven't used png as much as jpegs so this is good to know. Sorry to hear that blogger is changing on you. I have word press and though I just started it a few months ago, it is actually pretty easy to use.

  5. Oh wow! Thank you so much for the digi sentiment and the tutorial! I'll definately have to try that! Thanks so much!!!

  6. I hadn't seen that from Blogger either. Facebook seems to be doing something similar with its Timeline feature (at least for pages; not sure about individuals). Anyway, for us creative types, it certainly robs us of something, doesn't it? Actually, if we're truly creative, we will work around the "systems" and find something even better than what we already have. ! Hope I have the time to be creative :-)....

    1. I think it may just affect the dashboard. I know they're making some major changes though, so that everything works together with Google+.

  7. Thanks so much Carmen! I love this one!

  8. Love this sentiment! Thank you for sharing!:)


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