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Dec 11, 2011

Sleigh Ride 2011 - 2

The horses are rested up, the Sleigh has been prepped with warm blankets, and the bells are all shiny and ringing merrily. It sounds like it's time for another Sleigh Ride!

Let's go look at the Ornaments!

One of the nice things about going on a Sleigh Ride, is that I get to find all kinds of creative people with really awesome blogs. The most recent one I found was The Cheese Thief!  I just love her creativity! Check out these altered ornaments!!
 I just love these!! She has a tutorial on her blog...but wait, there's another too...
Squeal!! I love it! I love them both!! Check out Rena at The Cheese Thief...and not just these posts (both with full tutorials), but there's even more creativity you won't want to miss!

This next one would be especially great for a kids project because it mostly requires cutting, although Mom would have to help with stitching.  I just fell in love with the beautiful colors!
The instructions for one of these Tree Ornaments can be found at Julia's Blog,  Julia Crossland. Wouldn't these also work great as a Christmas-y Crib Mobile?

While we're on the subject of trees....

Today's Fabulous Finds has some cute Trees that would look great on a mantel or on a table. There's a ruffle one, a fur one, and even one that looks like fluffy marshmallows. Check out her blog link for the tutorials!

Ok, we're just turning down Elf Lane....should be something interesting here...

OH LOOK! Oh my goodness, how cute are these?
I Love these!! To find the tutorial, go see Maya at Maya Made. Too, too cute Maya!!

Last year I made some little Elf Boots with my napkins for Christmas Dinner. They added such a festive touch to the table. Check out the link for the instructions:
  Elf Boot Napkins
I threw this one together with whatever napkins I had on hand for the Blog, but they weren't as nice as I would have liked. I used floral wire in the toe, but I didn't use enough so the toe isn't curled up as much as it should be. Depending on the napkin you use, these can look so cute! I love the little bell in the toe!

OR, if you want something a little fancier, check out these silverware holders!

These are hand sewn! Just adorable!! The Tutorial can be found at Sharon Sews. 
There are so, so many creative people out there! I wish I had more time to make them all!!

Since we're looking at place settings, I guess I'll squeeze this next one in as well...
Yep! Even Santa has a bad night sometimes. Want the tut? Go visit Amanda at Crafts By Amanda! Oh so imaginative!!

It looks like we`ve arrive at Recycle Alley....not sure there will be too much here. But....wait...what?

Where on earth did all those Penguins come from?

Wouldn't these be a great little project with your kids on that long break? I think they're adorable!!

Can you guess what they're made of? Do you want to make your own? Check these chubby little waddlers out at Craftberry Bush for the complete instructions.

The older I get, the more the days get away on me. That's why an Advent Calendar is a nice thing to have! Here's one that I thought was really creative, easy to make and Christmas-y!
This one if made of matchboxes! How creative is that? We have a fireplace, so we always have matches. It looks like Recycle Lane has boundless creativity! Such awesome projects! This one comes from Sarah at Alderberry Hill. The full tutorial is on her site!

Well, we're just about back home! Just a few more steps and jingles..and...

What's that I smell?

Oh my goodness...this reminds me of home! Chef Heidi Fink has been mixing up an old German tradition from her childhood (that I also remember from my Dutch background). She's improved on an old tested family recipe and made it better! This is now their new family recipe! That's right, check out this Christmas Stollen! Yummm! I know what Stollen usually tastes like, and it's like a little angel on my tongue.
See that center? That's marzipan .I love marzipan! We had this bread with our breakfast every Christmas morning...but we also had it with coffee in the afternoon. Oh, this is good stuff!!

My parents still bring me one every year, but I'm seriously considering making my own this year...and this is the recipe I'm going to use if I do!
Check out Chef Heidi's blog, Lip Smacking, and this recipe tutorial with pictures and all! Thank you Heidi for sharing with us!

And....we're back!

Comin' in for some Candy Cane Punch? I'll put an extra cane in yours! :)

Thanks for going on a Sleigh Ride with me. Truly hope you enjoyed yourself!

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  1. Great Sleigh Ride thanks Carmen, what lovely crafty blogs to check out.Fabulous projects each and everyone.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. A great ride! I LOVE those penguins :) great job driving the sleigh today!

  3. Oh, the sound of those jingle bells!.....Don't know where to start....so much fab inspiration.....doin' a happy dance, here!

  4. I will be spending way too much time on the computer following your sleigh path! Thank you for sharing all of your stops.

  5. What a lovely sleigh ride, Carmen......I used one of your fab digis, so I you want to take a look you can find it here
    xxx Margreet

  6. Thanks for another marvelous sleigh ride, Carmen. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Thanks for the great sleigh ride, Carmen! You find such a variety of great blogs, your own being one of the best! Thanks for sharing your ideas/images, Graham's images and your ventures. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. :)


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