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Oct 14, 2010

Lighted Glass Blocks

With Christmas just around the corner, I decided I'd better start on my lighted glass blocks! Last year I sold quite a few for gifts.

Like everything the blocks themselves are quite a bit more money, and they've painted them now! I've figured out how to get the paint off...but it's a bit of work, so with those two considerations, my prices had to go up a bit. I filled an order for one already, so I thought I'd show it here.

When I started buying ribbon for these, my husband got in on it, and for a while he kept bringing home more and more. So I have a huge Tupperware container FULL!! Here's just some of them...

I have several of each, plus more besides...we won't be buying ribbon for a while!!

This order was for a purple one.

Here's the bow for the top of it. I really enjoy making these bows, although they're a bit of tug and pull!

Here's the glass block. Unfortunately the photos of these do them such little justice. They are way, WAY nicer in real life!

Here's a few others I've made that I have photos of:

If you're local, these are $26.50 CAD each. You can come and pick out your ribbon or go by a photo. I'd be happy to add Christmas picks at an additional cost.

If you'd like to purchase one and you're not local, we'd add actual shipping and insurance to the cost.

Hope you're having a wonderful week! I sure do appreciate you stopping by!

Thanks for visiting. =D

UPDATE: Here are a few more glass blocks. If you go to Carmen's Kit and Kaboodle page on FB, more ribbon choices will soon be posted there.


  1. Very cool Carmen...and by the way, I didn't forget about mentioning your soaps in my blog...just had a few things to do and didn't get around to taking photos of them yet. Again, thanks so much for the prize!! I used the sugar cubes when I went to visit my son...it was my little treat after driving 12 hours. Again, that card was something else! It sits on my vanity where I can stare at it...you are so talented!!!


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