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Oct 31, 2010

A Card? An Envelope? An Envelope Card!

I have been really busy making things and preparing for some Craft Fairs, plus I've had a lot of company...so even though I knew it was coming, Amanda's birthday caught me off guard!

My husband is an avid coin collector, and he had a Silver Dollar commemorating 50 years of ballet in Canada that he wanted to give her. On our last trip to the Island she had pointed out a necklace she loved, which I had picked up for her. So luckily I was prepared in that way.

It's just that people expect a handmade card from me...and I hadn't had time to make one. 

So I looked through my stash and found a mini album I hadn't finished.

I handmade the flowers out of cuttlebugged vellum and attached them. So I took this little envelope, added a tag for the greeting, and put it in an envelope for her. You can see the simple tag I inserted below.

Ta Da!! A handmade card of sorts! She seemed to like it, so I'm happy! 

While I'm on the topic of coins and such...I thought I'd share this with you as well. One summer we were at a Craft Fair on the Island where we saw a lady cutting coins with a little blade.

I actually have another one of these cut into puzzle pieces, but it isn't complete anymore. Here's another photo showing the difference in size between the two pennies. The one on the right is a Canadian penny.

I was amazed at how small she cut some of the pieces. Really quite remarkable!

Now I don't know how legal this was for her to do...but I guess as long as she used foreign currency, it was allowed.

Anyway, that's all I have for today! Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks for popping by!!



  1. Of course, your card turned out beautiful, Carmen!! You are the best! And the coin is amazing. She must have had some very sharp tools!!

    Happy Halloween! :-)


  2. So creative to use an unfinished mini album to create a card!
    I love the coins too!


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