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Mar 22, 2010

Playing with Purses

Hi there,

Things have quieted down around here a little and I am just taking some time to catch up on some needed rest. I've been busy with company and preparing for my Mom's 75th birthday since I got back. I love traveling, but it takes everything out of me now that I'm...well...middle aged. :0

So today I just spent some time playing with purses. I have to admit, I used some crazy papers, but then I've seen some pretty crazy looking purses out there too. Here's the first one:

See...I told you...CRAZY! The little heart shaped embellishment in the pocket is a key:

Here is a close up or two:

And finally, the inside:

Well, after this one I just went plum crazy and not only used crazy paper...but, well...here it is:

I took the second photo of the inside to show you that the little tag comes out. I could have stamped these with a sentiment, but I usually leave that until I know who I'm giving it to and for what reason.

Well, there you have it. Now I really must go and prepare some dinner!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting!


  1. what fun cards! I have a thing for keys at the moment and I just adore the one you used.

  2. What clever ideas! I love your purses!

    I hope you get a chance to rest up!


  3. Oh my WORD! I LOVE these!!! Are you listing them in your shop? So cute. By the way, thanks for stopping by and leaving a sassy comment. I've missed them :). Blessings!

  4. You are so talented! I absolutely love your fresh and original ideas! You really inspire me, thanks.


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