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Mar 21, 2010

Diorama Card

Hi Ladies,

Today I thought I'd show you the card I made for my Mom's 75th birthday this year. I will also give you some instructions on the basic card/diorama. My mom and dad do a lot of gardening and my mom likes flowers, so I thought I'd do something along those lines. Here is a photo of the inside of the card:

For this project you will need:

Thick cardstock
Glimmer Mist
White picket fence
Embellishment tape, Scor-tape and glue dots
Designer Cardstock for outside of card
Stamps of your choice
Glimmer Chips
Metal alphabet brads
Small eyelets
Sheer ribbon
Pearl and rhinestone embellishments

Cut your cardstock at 6 3/4" x 5"

Score 1/2" in on each side and cut the four corners off.

Cut 2 more pieces of cardstock 3 1/4" x 4". Score 1/4" on one (1) side of each. 

Place a strip of scor-tape down the right and left 1/2" side of the main piece.

Attach one of the smaller cardstock on each side of the main card at the edge fold on the inside so that the card folds open.

Take some sapphire glimmer mist to the whole inside of the card, sides included. Dab dry and do again. 

*At this point you can use glimmer screens if you would like. (I used some suede glimmer mist on a screen and imprinted it onto the inside first. Then when dry, I used the same screen and laid it on the project and misted over the whole area with the sapphire leaving a white imprint behind the suede.)

It's not a great picture, but you can see the white of the cardstock around the Suede glimmer mist. Also note that I took some scor-tape to create a box (each corner). It is 1/2" deep when done.

Now you're ready to add flowers. It helps to put some along the inside edge and along the bottom. You just have to play with it and make it work. Keep in mind that you'll be adding the picket fence to the front!!

Glimmer mist with a diamond or a pearl to give them some shine appeal!

Here's a couple of close ups:

I took some 1/2" strips of designer paper and covered the outside corners first to give them stability. These were 1/2" X 1 1/2" or so...enough to cover the corner.

Then I used some designer paper and taped it to the front flaps to cover about 1" around to the back. (4 3/4"W X 4"L).


To cover the rear of the card, I cut a piece of designer paper to fit. (5 3/4"L X 5"W)

Then I inked it all. I love inking! It gives the whole project depth and dimension.

Here it is all closed up with sheer ribbon...


Here it is opened up and completed...

My Mom's 75th Birthday party went off without a hitch. She was very surprised! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. OH, I just love all the beautiful work here, Carmen! Such a treasure! (And, I'm feeling inspired, though I don't know where I'll find the time to make such a creation....)

    Glad the party was so great. That cake looks amazing, too!

    As always, thank you for sharing so graciously.

  2. This diorama card is very very beautiful!

  3. what a beautiful card! that is a work of art and a wonderful keepsake. the garden is incredible!! have you ever thought of using a large jewelry box as the base of your card? it would save a few steps and possibly be a bit sturdier.

  4. Very beautiful...what a keepsake. I bet your mom absolutely loves it!!!
    I enjoy your blog.


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