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Feb 13, 2018

New Cards in Shop!

Good morning, 

It's funny how my craftiness goes in stages. All last fall it was crochet, crochet, crochet. Now it's cards and paintings. I haven't shown you too many of my paintings yet, so I'll show you a couple at the end of this post. Until I get my shop stocked up, I will be posting more cards. I'm planning to get  some digital stamps done too. If I do I'll make sure to post a freebie. :)

Here are the two newest cards in my Etsy Shop

My shop now carries Digital Stamps, Handmade Cards, Printables and a couple of Crochet patterns. I hope to make up a few more of the freezie holders with summer on the way. They are quick and easy patterns and the kids love them.

Here are two of my paintings. They are done in Leonid Afremov's style as that's who I am taking the course from. The paint is applied with palette knives.

           Afternoon Stroll by the Bridge

                                Sails in the Sunset

I just realized I never turned the heat up and am getting chilly! I hope it's warmer where you are today. 

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    2. Thanks Krista! Auto correct changed your name to Rusty, then Kristy—I caught the first time, but not the second so had to delete the comment! Lol!!

  2. Love your vibrant paintings Carmen, and the lacing on the second card is a really effective accent!!


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