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Feb 5, 2018

Card Making Break

I recently spent some time making cards to sell. My Etsy Shop has digital stamps for sale but I used to sell cards there as well. With the cost of shipping I am not sure it will be worth it, but I will do some test runs and see how it works out. 

I will be selling these soon. The Tool Belt Card I listed today on Handmade in Kamloops FB page for $10 CAD. I thought maybe I could find a local market for these cards. This card is quite heavy with all the metal embellishments and the inside is finished quite nicely. However shipping might be a bit which was one reason I put it on FB. Did I mention how much I love making cards for men? I'll be making several more of these.

These next two are very simple mens cards. I love vintage autos, and I love metal embellishments. These cards boasts both. They are also weightier cards with the metal on there. I think I'll put $6.50 CAD on these ones.

This next one is similar to a card I made for my Dad a few years back. I like the use of maps on cards and I love the little knot I made with hemp twine. Note the metal pirate type sword too, and the little boat on the inside. I really have to stop using metal if I want to ship them, but I like the look of it. I'll probably charge $6.50 CAD for this one too.

This card I made for fun. I guess it could be a Valentine's card. It was made using Bo Bunny papers. I love this set of papers and am just about out of them. The sentiment is a sticker I had. I popped up the background it's on. The inside is simple and ready for some personal thoughts. I love this colorful card. I might keep this one.

I'll be doing some painting this week. I have about 23 lessons to go, and at least 20 of those are paintings to paint. I'm hoping to get the course done before the end of May this year. At first it was taking me 10 hours to do a painting, but I'm down to about 6-8 hours as I'm getting a bit better, or sloppier. One of the two. Lol.

I love doing so many crafts that I'll be doing other projects in between and hopefully getting my shop stocked up. There will be cards, sewn pouches (I used to sew professionally), and crochet patterns and products. Eventually I may even throw up a few paintings. 

Well, I'm at the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed the cards. 
PS: Wow, has it ever been snowing here. 

Blessings to you and yours,


  1. What wonderful, textural cards Carmen. Sounds as though you are a busy lady with all your crafts. The painting sounds interesting


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