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Nov 24, 2016

Noro Kureyon Wool, plus an Amazing Giveaway!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It's always fun when I can share something I've made with all of you, but today is extra special because now YOU also have a chance to WIN a GREAT GIVEAWAY!

I guarantee that if you like to knit or crochet or work with wool in any way, you will LOVE this post!

But I'm getting way ahead of myself here -- have a look for yourself. This is what I was pleasantly surprised to receive last week from Yarn Canada. Look at these luxuriously gorgeous colors.

Oh Lordy! I'm not sure the photo even does them justice! The hues are deep and penetrating.

Noro Yarns & Wools are world famous for a reason. They are uniquely hand-spun to create a colorful, striped look with that all-natural goodness.

Working with this wool was reminiscent of a night spent by a cozy fire in a warm, woodsy home. I love that feeling! The wool strands are quite strong, yet soft and I found it a pleasure to work with. It's absolutely lovely to use and the projects turned out beautiful! I used my wooden hook and had no problem working the stitches through at all. 

For my first project I decided to make myself some fingerless gloves. The weather is feeling quite winter-y here in the northwest, and my steering wheel is so cold when I first start up my car. These should come in handy and still give me the agility I need with my fingers exposed. 

They are so warm and thick and I adore that the colors are not matched. I purposely let them lay where they will because I love that 'indie' look.

I may be a hippie at heart....

These ones were made with Noro Kureyon wool color #310.

The pattern was a free pattern from Two Little C's.  I wanted a plain pattern that would bring out the beauty of this wool. I love my new, warm, unique looking fingerless gloves

Then, -- when I wasn't looking, Morris the Mouse fell off my hook! He's a bit naughty in that way.

The second picture points out the button joining detail on the arms and legs. This was a free pattern by Janice Cyr off Ravelry. 

I was pleasantly surprised how well this project worked up since I used a 3.5 hook, which is quite small.  It turned out great though and this wool was definitely up for the task.

The wool color I used for Morris was Noro Kureyon #362.

Many thanks to Yarn Canada for introducing me to this beautiful wool

Oh Morris, BEHAVE

NOW, for the really GREAT NEWS!

Win Socks for Life! Well the yarn, you’re on your own after that.

Yarn Canada is giving away a 25 year supply of yarn and wool ($1000 worth)! WOWIE!!

The prize will go to whomever can show how their life will most be changed by winning and what you will do with the prize. Let them know why your knitting or crocheting hobby is important to you and how a lifetime supply of sock yarn would change your life.

Look at that colorful goodness, oh my!

How GREAT is this??? To enter for YOUR chance to win, the entry detail page is here: 

Also, in case you're wondering, this is open to everyone in the US and Canada


This is one long post, but if one of you wins it, I'd be a very happy camper. So go and fill out the entry page and keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck everyone!



  1. I don't often regret living in the antipodes, but this is one time I do - that wool looks amazing!!! Love your two projects too - Morris looks gorgeous and is such fun!!

    1. Haha! Thank you Maxine! We get the hot summers here as well, but the winters do get downright miserable some years! This wonderful wool will definitely help though!

  2. Cute projects and love the color of the yarn!


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