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Aug 14, 2016

Ahoy Matey, it's Another Quick Card!

Well, it's a hot one up here in the interior of BC! Currently we're at 32C and going higher! I'm hiding inside and trying to keep cool, even though I love the sunshine. Unfortunately I can't handle the heat as much anymore.

Today we're celebrating my husbands' upcoming birthday, and I didn't get to it until today, so I made him a quick card. I know he'll like it because I used one of the images he did up himself. Haha! It's available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

I often call him Mr. Gamble, not because he gambles, but because that's his name. 

Glad I cleared that up, lol

I made up the knot myself by looking at another similar knot I'd used before. The little compass was purchased online from B'Sue Boutique on Etsy. 

Oh, and the bottle I recently found and shared on my Facebook page. It's a free digital. Go have a look. The link to my FB page is also listed in the sidebar of this blog. 

I just know you want to see the cupcakes I'm serving. They're from Sweet Spot Cupcakes in Kamloops. They also make gluten free ones, so I got two of them for my grandkids. I left them plain so they could add sprinkles. There was only one chocolate one left, and I know from experience not to go there, so 2 vanilla it is!! 

Here's a sampling of the flavours: We got Lemon, Cherry, Espresso, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and I think that last one is Mango? Anyway, they have fancy names, but I'm a no nonsense kind of person. 

Just put them in my mouth!!

A few balloons, some pizza and I'm done! It's a small party, but that's what happens when your family is spread out all over the place. They'll be missed, but it's still going to be fun

As for Mr. Gamble? - He's getting closer to retirement every year! Lol! 

Have a good day!


  1. Happy birthday to Mr. Gamble!

  2. Fabulous card - love that ship in a bottle!

  3. chrissie has left a new comment on your post "Ahoy Matey, it's Another Quick Card!":

    Wonderful card Carmen. The way the string is knotted is terrific

    Love Chrissie xx

    Thanks Chrissie! I deleted the original comment by mistake, so posted it here.


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