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Mar 5, 2016

Jamberry Nails and Peanut

I've been spending quite some time looking over the Jamberry site this morning. Jamberry Nails are wraps that go on your nails with heat and pressure. It's quick and easy. Those that have tried them say they last at least 2 weeks without chipping or fading.

A friend of the family has started selling these and I decided to give them a try. I rarely wear nail polish on my fingers because it's almost always chipped by the next day - no matter how careful I am. It's frustrating because I LOVE beautiful looking nails. Why not just get a gel manicure? Well, again, because I don't want to ruin my nails. I've had gel nails and in addition to not liking the feel, I find the upkeep too much of a hassle and kind of expensive. I'm a simple girl at heart and I want to do it myself. Lol. 

All the wrap designs are really gorgeous, which made it SO HARD to make up my mind!! Here's one of the nail sets I bought. Some sheets are with one design, some up to 3 designs. I like the variety.  I'll show you the rest when I get them. :) Here's a set of 3 designs I bought.
                                   Jamberry Nails: From the Heart

Did I mention they also come in junior sizes? They have the cutest little nail wraps with adorable names. Pandamonium (little panda bears), Coney Island (ice cream cones) and Disney ones as well, to name a few. I bought some for my little granddaughter. Anyway, I can't wait to try them. I'll let you know what I think of them after I've tried them. 

In other news --

My grandson asked me to make a sleeping bag for his stuffed animals for when he goes camping this summer. A strange request, but reasonable enough. I had everything I needed except a couple of separating zippers. He specifically wanted the zipper to go around both sides, 'like a real sleeping bag.' Well, okay then. Lol...

The left one is Kai's, and the right one is Lauryn's. The chicken is mine. His name is Peanut. Everyone should have a chicken of their own. Just sayin'

Have a good weekend! :)



  1. Love the chicken. Must get one for ME

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. I know hey, Christie!! Isn't he adorable? lol, my little Peanut! 😊


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