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Feb 19, 2016

Baby Circle Skirt, Round Hem Sewing Tip

Wow, half way through February already! Are your days passing as fast as mine? Valentine's is over and I seem to have pretty much ignored it on this blog, save the upcycled craft jean apron with the glittery red heart on it.

I have been keeping busy though. I've had company most of the past week and now I'm trying very hard to finish writing course material for my class, which is coming up in April. I did manage to get a couple of little circle skirts and a pair of leggings made for my newest granddaughter who is just over 3 months old now.

I used a free Baby Circle Skirt pattern by Danamadeit. She also has the pattern in a larger size here! This little circle skirt was so easy to make as her instructions were simple to follow. I've added a little bow to this pink houndstooth skirt. Adorable, no?

Sewing up a couple of straps, and criss-crossing them at the back 
gave this little zebra striped piece some more interest.
How cute will this be with little black leggings and a onesie?

I made up my own buttons with a button kit. Note the zebra striped buttons above. :)

This last one is actually the first one I made. It's made with a knit jersey.

I used to sew professionally for a company called Rainbowear some time ago. I'd like to show you a little photo tip tutorial for sewing hems in the round.

Move the stitch length to 1.75 on your serger. This is a gathering stitch. Don't worry, it's all good. 

When you're done, it should look like this, with the edges turned up just slightly. 

Now grab your hot iron and press all the way around using your fingers to hold the hem in place. 
Trust me, it's way easier than trying to press the hem down without the gather.

The finished edge.

I also made a couple pairs of leggings using a free pattern called Baby Go To Leggings by Andrea Pannell on Sewtorials. 

My son and his wife are both very tall people, so 3 month old baby Addison is long and thin! I had to use the 6-9 month pattern , and widen the ankles a bit and cut the waist elastic for the 3-6 month for the stretch jean leggings that I am currently working on. The flowery leggings were made in the 3-6 month size but are a bit tight and short in bum length, lol. 

As you can see, it's a pretty easy pattern. Everyone should make their own leggings! It's just getting the pattern down right for your size and shape (to some extent -- even though they're stretchy).

Have a good week everyone


  1. Oh how delightful to be able to make such sweet baby clothes. These are adorable, Carmen.


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