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Nov 29, 2015

What's a Wet Bag?

On November 9th, 2015, Addison Michaela joined our family. After many hours of labor, she finally made an appearance at an even 8 lbs and a head full of hair! She won our hearts and filled them with more love than we realized they could contain.

Over a week later, Sullivan Terry Kevin was also born to our niece on my husband's side. So, with a couple of new babies in the family, I guess it's no surprise that I am working on baby things! I recently made these wet bags I'd like to show you. 

What's a Wet Bag, you ask?

These are made with PUL, a waterproof Polyurethane Laminate fabric. This stuff is priced like gold! $28- $32 a metre . I waited and bought it all at 55% off -- because that's just crazy pricing. Why do we have to pay so much in Canada? I don't get it. Anyhoo....a wet bag is just a waterproof bag that's made to carry soiled garments, used diapers (usually cloth), and things like wet bathing suits. 

Some people use them as snack bags, laundry bags while travelling, toiletry bags, bags for markers or as a pencil case, etc. You can use them for anything, really. They're quick and easy to make!

I used a 16" zipper for this bag. I didn't actually measure the size of the bag itself. I just went ahead and made it. 

I sewed my tag on the little loop on the side. I just thought it made it look more professional somehow. 

I probably should have used red thread on the bottom of the zipper, but I wasn't overly concerned about it. This bag wasn't lined, but it doesn't actually need to be. I threw it on tumble dry low for 20 minutes to seal the holes that the stitching made. Should be good to go! 

I'll add it to the other little items I bought for him and send it all with my hubby, who is heading their way soon. 

I made this little Wet Bag too. It's quite a bit smaller than the first one, but it's also lined with PUL, unlike the other.

I made it to fit these breast pads that I found a tutorial for on the DIY Mommy. Mine were constructed of white PUL, terry cloth, and 2 layers of flannelette. They were supposed to be super absorbent with the terry cloth in the center, but they didn't hold up as well as I'd hoped. The thing is, they are 4 layers thick and you could see them when worn, so adding more layers isn't an option. 

They were fun to make though, and the wet bag can still be used for other things, such as soothers, soiled bibs, baby wipes, etc.  In the meantime, I plan on making a bigger wet bag for her in case there's an accident. Isn't it funny how newborn baby 'explosions' don't usually amount to much? Just a lot of noise going on. Hahaha...

Working with PUL Fabric:

I've used the PUL fabric for a few different projects now. Remember the little apron I made for my other granddaughter? Now I've made these breast pads and the wet bags too, so I must be an expert. (tic) 

I think the most frustrating thing about this fabric is that it doesn't glide through the machine smoothly but has a tendency to pull a bit, and usually on one layer. You can easily end up with a skewed square. 

Just take it a bit slow while stitching this fabric together and make sure everything is square as you go along. You don't want to have to restitch, as that creates additional unnecessary holes in the fabric, which is truly counterproductive. Also, I recommend you to throw it in the dryer (tumble dry low, 20 minutes) when completed to close up the holes that the stitching has made. Well, if you want it to be waterproof, which is really kind of the point. :)

Well, that's it for today! I can't believe that Christmas is almost upon us. I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping, baking or decorating. I am SO behind this year. How about you? Share some of your Christmas to do's and done's with me in the comments below! :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. These are cool and so practical! It is a shame the material is so expensive. Fab make!

  2. Congratulations to all on the new additions to your family. Nice bag and breast pads. Very usable and I bet very much appreciated.

  3. Congratulations on the two new additions to your family. I love your wet bags and the tag is a charming touch. I made some breast pads for a friend when she was a new mother. They saw her through four children and she loved them. I haven't sewn in years now. I enjoyed your step-by-step.

    As for Christmas, I have purchased a few gifts online and some craft supplies for making other gifts. I am also working on an Advent journal, using daily inspiration from the online community at His Kingdom Come. I've never observed Advent before so this is a wonderful experience for me and it helps me to keep Christ at the center of my Christmas activities.

    Blessing hugs,

    1. Thank you, Teresa! Oh my, you are very busy as well! I've done Hanukkah, but I haven't celebrated Advent, although the church I attend does give us the option to. :)


Thanks for the comments!