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Sep 15, 2015

A is for Apple & Artistic Flair

School has started and there are mom's sighing with relief all over the Net. Although they'll rarely admit it, I believe the kids are feeling the same way! My DIL sent me a photo of my two local grandbeans. I chuckled as they stood in military fashion, hands by their sides, smiles on their faces. I laughed when I found out they fought just before that. One wanted them to be arm in arm, the other was all 'don't touch me! I would have liked to see a photo of THAT right beside the military one, Hahaha. I won't post a photo here as I'm sure you've seen dozens of cute 'first day of school' pictures on FB, Twitter and Instagram already.

I found out that permanent Sharpie's work great for writing on fabric. I love that. I've decided to incorporate it into some of my bags and pouches for a little artistic flair. Only I discovered that I'm so used to typing, that my fingers are sore from writing. It'll be a night time project while hubby watches TV. I've incorporated Scripture, songs, encouraging sayings and a science one. I'm having fun with this.

I don't know what it is, but when the Fall comes around, I start to feel more like coloring, crocheting and sewing. I spend all my summers studying for my Fall classes, and enjoying the weather and getting out (when it's not too hot), but I always love the Fall. I went out in the rain today. Loved it, even though my hair went a bit frizzy. Sometimes you just have to let go! 

On my Facebook page I posted a little gem. It reminded me of when we used to take crayons and black paint, then when it dried we'd scratch some of it off -- remember? This guy (Yeonsang Ruppert) is trying to raise money to make these and sell them. Right now for a $16 pledge, he'll send you one. These have gold toned backgrounds. It's a nice idea but it's been done before.  I'm not trying to promote him, but I'm using his photos, so have to link. They are pretty though, don't you think?

After all that I feel some creative juices beginning to flow, but first, dinner. Time to go!

Have a good week!


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  1. I'm ready for fall, too! It's a bit cooler, but ready for much more of it! Have a good day!


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