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Jul 24, 2014

Cards, Company, Kids (Great kids) & Clothing

You're here! 

You have been MIA a long while....no wait, I guess that would be me.


First ~~ a warning. It's going to be a long post ~~
(BTW...that's a freebie, if you want it.)

Here's what's been happening:

1) Can anything take away your energy like a 40 degree celsius day (104F)? How about 2 of them in a row -- preceded and followed by several 35 degree (95F) days? Not to mention the smoke from 130 fires burning in BC

I'm surprised I didn't melt away. I've been ridiculously hot, smoke covered, and sweaty! It's been brutal.

2) I've had company since the end of June and all my attention has been for them. I don't get to see my son and his family all that often so I cherish the time I have with them. There's 7 of them, so our little family of 3 increased to 10...and did I mention it was hot.
That's my son Darren, with his beautiful family! It was so good to see them!!
3) I've been studying like crazy. I will be teaching a Bible Study at my church this Fall. I've decided to teach on the book of Genesis. 

I have a small book of information typed out already, and I'm on verse 3. Yes, of chapter one. Sigh....

4) My yard has been a continual mess, but I am not complaining for a second because I am so happy! One of my sons built a large shed in our backyard, and two of my sons (and one DIL) built us a lattice and wood wall around our balcony complete with led lights.  There's some painting left to do, but what a difference it's made already. I have incredible kids!!
My son Mike working on the roof of the shed (it's 8' plus the roof,
but our garden area is much higher than the rest of the yard.
My son Darren and DIL Mandy with a couple of grandkids in the background. :)
Here they're working on the lattice for the balcony.
5) I was the overjoyed receiver of a ton of free fabric from an estate. It's all about who you know, and in this case it was my daughter in law, Julie. I spent half a day going through a wall of fabric and brought home 6 large bags full.
Cotton polyesters
Cotton polyesters

A bunch of shimmery stuff
Cotton polyesters

Knits, flannelette, furriness and fleece
A variety
Then there were small pieces of fabric, bags of faux fur and bags of batting. It will all have to be washed and sorted, but what a wonderful find. I see some quilts in my future as well. :)

In the meantime, here's what I made for my little 20 month old granddaughter with some of the fabric. There will be more sewing at a later date.
I used a free pattern from TJ's Fabrics Blog. This one has subdued colors and a smaller bow, by request. :) Oh, and the bow is removable.

What else has been happening, you ask? 

The Squigglefly design team has been very busy making up cards with some of my images. :)

Believe it or not, we should probably be getting started on our Christmas cards soon. It seems Gail, from "I Like Paper" is right on time with this card! Click on the link to see a larger photo of the details and a photo of the inside of the card.

At "Holley's Blog," Holley did up a one layer card using images from one of my lightbulb sets. Very cheerful and great coloring! Check out the link for more information.

This image is available in my Etsy Shop

Also in the shop along this genre, are these images: 

Last, but not least, Kathy from "Entering Kathyville," made up this cute card using a new image of mine. The challenge was to use up scraps.

This image is available in my Etsy Shop. There are 2 images and 4 sentiments in the set. Check it out!

Since it's been a while since I started this post , I can report that we had so much rainfall yesterday, along with thunder and lightning, that it caused flash floods here in Kamloops. Can I say "extreme weather!" Jeesh!
That was just one spot....they had to close down some areas.

Well ~~ that was one long post ~~ if I do say so myself.

Hopefully it won't be this long between posts next time. However, in the summer, anything goes! :)

Have a good week.


  1. Hi there. I am your latest follower. Found you on a site that lists Canadian bloggers.

    Small world we live in as I see you are in Kamloops. We have a place in Caravans West RV Resort in Scotch Creek. There are a lot of families here from Kamloops. Home for us is in Surrey so we pass thru Kamloops on our way to the lake.

    Hope to keep in touch...that storm was scary here too. One of our window screens got torn off...luckily we rescued the window.

    The material looks get. I jut bought a used sewing machine from one of the quilters up here. We have a group that meets to craft all day on Tuesdays. Everyone but me is a quilter! I sit and scrapbook or make cards.

    I thought I would try the Dresses for Africa with the machine but have not got out to pick up fabric as of yet...thought I would wait till we were home and take a trip across the border to Joanne's Fabrics.

    Will watch for your future posts.
    Maureen aka Scrappymo!

  2. Sounds like a hot, but nice summer with the family!


Thanks for the comments!