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Sep 3, 2013

Burlap and Lace, Shabby Chic or Clean?

Today we had a freak thunder and lightning storm followed by a downpour...then it was hot and sunny. 

Seriously? Make Up Your Mind! ;-)

I'm kind of like that some days. Like yesterday I did a ton of stuff. I was like the energizer bunny doing this, then that, then something else. I amazed myself.

Today, however was a different story. I was forever talking to someone today...on the phone, on Facebook, in the house. By noon I started to panic, because I like to feel like I did something other than talk all day.

So I went into my craft room and made a card for my mother who is going in for surgery next week in Chilliwack. She is having a hip replacement. It didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped, but I think she'll still like it.
You know...I always feel like my cards are missing something. The problem is, I don't know what. Does anyone else feel that way about their cards? 

My husband suggested that I should go for a cleaner look rather than a vintage look. That just seems like a preference though. I don't know. 

Here's a couple of close ups...

I also made a birthday card for my son.
I liked the way this one turned out for the most part...still feel like something's missing though...

A couple of close ups..

I'm glad these are done so that I can focus on a few other things. 

Oh, and...

I bought this at a flea market last Sunday. I'm going to spray paint it and use it on top of my desk for things I'm working on, or small scraps, or lace or something. You can't go too far wrong when you've only spent 2 bucks on it. 
I also have a tray frame that's white. One of the ones you're supposed to put photos in. I'm going to paint it and then do something different with the photo area...stay tuned! 

Oh...and here's the stamp that's going inside my Mom's card:
Hope you all had a nice long weekend! 



  1. I love your sons card maybe shabby chic is not your style every time I try shabby chic I always feel the same as you too many embellishments or not enough love the look it's just not mine

  2. Your mom will love the card. It's beautiful and you made it. I'm a little biased when it comes to Shabby Chic, but it's always better then clean, unless it's for a guy and this one for your son is wonderful.
    I have days like that too. You're a whirlwind, getting things accomplished and then wham!, all you can say is you did one load of laundry. I think we must tire ourselves out. Nice job with both of them and your shopping. ;o)


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