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Aug 25, 2013

It's a Rocket Ship, It's a Giant Heart, No! It's...


A couple of weeks ago my adult son came to me and asked me to do him a favor. I said "sure, if I can... whatever it is."  A few days later he brought me the supplies I needed and about a week later I was done. I have to admit...this was my chant part way through~~

"The seam ripper is my friend, the seam ripper is my friend, the seam ripper is my friend..."

Lol. Then again, there wasn't a real pattern involved...as you can see from the foot picture. I had some instructions, but they weren't that great...but it was enough to get it done!

Since it was a secret project, my son did a bit of teasing on his Facebook page with these pictures and captions...
"What's all this stuff on the kitchen table?"

"What the heck is my mother making? A rocketship? A giant heart?"
"Honestly mother. Can't you make a pattern with someone else's feet?

He bought a turtleneck shirt which I altered by removing the neck and arm bands. I put a smaller neck band in it and just turned the sleeves up. Then I had to take in the shirt so it fit him tightly. Yep, those are blue tights on his legs! (snicker, snicker)

The shield on the front of the shirt was pieced together with fabric and felt, and the shield on the cape was zigzag stitched (I don't have a fancy machine that does embroidery, but it's still an awesome machine!).

The red 'pants' were made using a pair of underwear as a pattern, sort of. 
I made the belt out of belting and fabric.
The boots should have been made of red pleather/leatherette, but he couldn't find any locally and couldn't order and get it here in such a short time. So I used gabardine with fusible interfacing to give it some 'strength'. 

These were hard to make!! Here's another photo of the boot pattern I made up and used. (It's folded closed in this photo). I wrapped newspaper around his leg and foot and held it in place with lots of packing tape. Then I made sure to allow extra fabric for the seam allowance and a little extra for comfort. (although one of them was a bit tight...oh well, I tried).

Okay, so here's the final product. My bearded Superman! His legs aren't short...the boots and cape just make it look that way. Lol....
 I think it's for a farewell for one of the interns at his church who loves Superman. However, I know he has plans to use it for several other things. 
Who wouldn't like a Superman costume custom made to fit?

Thanks for a worthy challenge, son! :) Love you!

My daughter in law saw it and has asked me to make costumes for the kids for Halloween. Wait 'till you see what she wants me to make. 

It's another secret...;-)

Have a good week! 


PS: I've been reading the book of James lately. Martin Luther called it an "epistle of straw", however, I see all kinds of value in it. Ray Stedman's "Adventuring through the Bible" gives keen insight into this epistle.

"Come close to God, and He will come close to you!" James 4:8a Check it out!


  1. how fantastic! I think I might come to your house to make my halloween costumes too LOL

  2. You did remarkably well--those boots, especially. Worth making the pattern for! I'm sure it will go over big at the celebration. Great to have a mind-stretching puzzle every so often. Way to go! (And I love James--what a great story his life was and he left us some amazing words!....)

  3. WAY WAY WAY COOL!!!! You nailed this!

  4. Men in tights! Got to love it. I made Batman, Robin, Link (from Nintendo), and a King costume for my sons when they were young. The tights always looked so cute. I don't think I'll send this to them, just in case it would give them any ideas. You did a great job!! I can't wait to see what you make for the grandkids. You are such a sweetie for doing this to make them happy.

  5. I agree...James is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I go to it often.
    Great job on the Superman costume! What a lot of work!!!
    And thank you for your comment on my craft room. If you lived close I'd invite you over for coffee and crafting! Have an awesome day,

  6. Thanks, Doni! That's so nice! I wish we lived closer!:D


Thanks for the comments!