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Aug 18, 2013

Are You a Considerate Pinner?

Hey everyone! 

I am usually a very co-operative, easy to get along with, mind my own business type of person. However, there are a few things that ruffle my feathers a bit. One of those things is pinning etiquette. 

There are a lot of pin busters out there...and that makes me a little grumpy. So here's my pinning peeves, pinning busters, pinning etiquette, whatever you want to call it-- for your consideration. 

Now --  I don't fastidiously follow these rules (there are always exceptions), but MOST of the time and whenever possible, I do! 

In no particular order:

Limit self promotion on Pinterest. 
I have a 'free digi' board and there are a few of my own digi's on there...but certainly not all and certainly not most. 

Follow your friends. 
Why? Why not? They're you're friends, support them!

Report nudity, hateful content, or otherwise inappropriate content according to the Pinterest Terms of Service
Why? Because ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

When people comment on your boards, do respond back. 
It's just good etiquette.

 It's polite to follow people who follow you. (?)
It's nice, but if I'm going to follow you I want to be interested in your boards.  I've had situations where I've gone to check out the new follower and found that I am not in the least interested in their boards.

Sometimes people follow just to get more followers, not because they have similar likes. This doesn't impress me and I won't follow them. I guess I'm just a meanie that way.

Some people have boards that lead to questionable content, believe it or not. You really need to check their boards before following.

Provide the context of your pins whenever necessary. 
Honestly, depending on the pin, sometimes it just isn't necessary.
When you do, write a short description that explains the pin or why you're pinning it (if it's not already there). However, don't give the whole post away.

Pin only what you really like...
Don't just pin with the sole aim of getting followers.

Verify the source before you repin or pin them. 
Why? To make sure it is a legitimate pin. There are pins out there that lead to nowhere, or to spam. 
Also, it's good to give credit to the original source whenever possible.

Whenever possible, pin to the actual source page.
For example: 
You're on a blog and you want to pin a card. First go to the post title and click on it. This brings you to a page with ONLY that post on it. Now go ahead and pin your card. 

Why do it this way? It means that when people click to verify the source of your pin, they go directly to the post it is on...they will not have to scroll a ton of pages to find your pin. This becomes especially crucial when there is a tutorial involved. 

I seldom pin something I can't find...mostly....because I can't find it!!
Sometimes I pout a little when that happens. I'm sure some of you relate. 

If you decide to pin from the source rather than repin from the pin you found,  click 'like' on the pin you originally found. 
It's just nice.

When pinning digital stamps that are free for a limited time, PLEASE pin the watermarked version. (This etiquette point comes from Lisa in the comment section on this post).
This protects the original artist and does not violate copyright on their digitals. Many pin without thought to this and to be honest, it is an unethical practise. Again check your sources!

Okay...so I'm done and I hope these have been helpful in some way.

I enjoy Pinterest! It's a great site and it's fun to look around. Let's keep it a happy, easy to maneuver around, enjoyable place to be!

I have some exciting news I'll be sharing in the next day or so! :-)



  1. You have posted great etiquette rules, these should apply to everyday life. I would think everyone would have the courtesy to treat others Pinterest boards as they would like these treated.

    I suppose I am one of the very few that have a Pintrest board. Sounds like it would be a great way to save ideas that I like.

    I read Pintrest board rules and did not like some of the things they could do with things I pinned. Therefore never joined.

    I just enjoy looking from time to time.

  2. Yes, I so relate to your concerns. I know that everything on the internet is so 'available' and open to pirating, etc...that nothing is really safe. It's sad, but true. :( That said, it's really a nice way to save links without clogging up your bookmarks.

  3. LOL! This made me laugh out loud! I agree with almost all of it...makes sense and is just plain courtesy. Good post!

  4. One other thing you might want to add to your rules of etiquette are to only pin digital images that are watermarked. Pinterest is a serious hazard to many digital artists who are finding their images, showing up in pins. While some artists who give out freebies don't mind, there are many individuals who don't want to find all their freebies pinned up on someone's board because that never brings anyone to the originating site. Unfortunately, it is not only unwatermarked freebies that are being pinned, people are actually putting images for sale up on these boards to share with others. Regardless of whether they are freebies or not all these images are copyrighted and if they are not pinned with watermarks then it is a copyright violation according to a significant number of artists' terms.

    Even unwatermarked cards are an issue because in a couple situations people have found their cards being claimed by others and entered into challenges.

    It is unfortunate that it comes to this but I just thought I'd add a little food for thought as there are many people out there who may not be as ethical as you.

    Lisa D.

  5. Hi Lisa, you've brought up an excellent point. I did not even think of that. When I post my own freebies, I changed them after watermarking them, but of course they're still unwatermarked on other boards. Thanks for mentioning that!!


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