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Feb 3, 2011

Easy Photo Collages

I was just visiting my friend Beth at The Stories of A to Z and discovered her post Valentine's Day Ideas:keeping the Romance Alive (amongst other interesting things...Beth is always interesting!)

So I decided to go to ShapeCollage.com and see if I could make my own. It's totally free, btw!

In the end, I went to the Facebook application for Shape Collage and used my photo albums there to play with.

This heart shaped one is of my grandson Kai, with most of the photos taken about a year and a half ago.
The application is so easy to use, that I did another one of a fishing trip to Port Hardy from last year. This one is shaped like a moon...

I also did one of my Craft folder on FB. Just for fun!

If you're on FB, it's an easy way to play without having to download the Photo Collage Maker, but if you want to make more shapes and have more control over which photos you use, your picture size, etc. you'll want to do that instead.

It's really easy though, and anyone can do it. I think it's a wonderful idea!

Thanks to Beth for the link!! Make sure to check out her blog...she's always got good ideas!

Thank YOU for visiting too! I always appreciate your comments!


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