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Jan 25, 2011

Playing With Wordles

Welcome to my blog!

I know you've all heard of Subway Art...but have you ever heard of Wordles? It's very similar, and I thought this would be a wonderful way to play with something that will give great results...and it's EASY!

Here are a few Wordles I've been playing with. The first one is one I did up for myself. I plan on framing it and hanging it up because the words on it are encouraging and a good reminder on days I need it. I may still change it a bit, but for the purpose of showing you what they're like, here's the words I'm going to use.

You can do so much with these. You can type out personal traits of people you know and use them on Scrapbook pages. You can also frame one for a friend or family member displaying all their positive traits.

Life can be a lot of the negative, and life can be hard...so it's nice to be reminded that we are loved!

Another thing you can do is take a blog post and Wordle it. I used my post on The Landscape and made a Wordle out of it. Here's my example.

Isn't it interesting how the words I've used the most look larger than the others? With this program, you can attach words together-like I did in the first example. To do this you type it like this:


To get a larger word, simply type it in twice.
You can change the type of font you use, the colours you use along with the background, and the layout type.

Here's a black and white one I did of a silly poem I wrote called Spider Rides on my Bubbling Springs Blog back in 2008.

These are so much fun to play with!

When I get one framed, I'll post it for you to see. To make your very own go to Wordle.


Have a good day and thanks for visiting!



  1. Thanks for sharing this site, Carmen. Hadn't been here before, and this is a need idea--especially for word people!

  2. I love this site too! You can also make all the words go vertically or horizontally...there's so many options to play with. Lots of fun!


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