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Oct 7, 2010

Ridgeview Halloween Card and a Tutorial

Recently I was guest designer on Christmas Stamping All Year Long, where I was asked to use a digital stamp from Softpencil. While checking out their site, I found a free digital stamp which I decided to use for the Ridgeview Card.

I can't take credit for the original design of the card which was Maria's from Stampin Inspirations. However, my take on it is a little different. I suggest you check out her site, which has some incredible card ideas on it.

Here is a peek of my version of the card:

 Isn't that digital stamp adorable?

I thought I'd take you through my card making process today. After taking a look at Maria's card, this is how I proceeded:

The ovals are Memory Makers  2 1/4" X 3". I just traced two side by side, slightly overlapping in the middle. I drew a third oval separately for the middle, with the center cut out. I taped these together and then used it as a template to draw the basic card.

Oh, and I trimmed a bit off the left side where the fold would be. The stem I drew free hand.

Then I cut out the ovals in orange cardstock, and cuttlebugged them and the stem. I also ran off some of the digital stamps and using the same oval, I cut one out to fit the center frame.

Then I inked the edges and began piecing everything together:

I'm showing you the pop dots on the back of the frame I decided to use. I love the one with the spider, but it covered too much of the digital stamp for my liking...so I didn't use that one. Thought I'd show it to you anyway.

Here's the front of the card without the ribbon. I just used some tacky tape to apply the ribbon at the top. I"ll probably add something on the bottom of the center frame...it looks kind of empty. Maybe another little spider or some words...

I also did the inside. I used my Happy Halloween Stamp from the Inkadinkado Ghouls and Goblins set, and backed it with black cardstock.

I taped it to the inside of the card, and used a little spider and web stamp I picked up at Michael's for $1.50

I made a bit of a mess of the inside with the ink, but this is just my design card, so it doesn't matter. There's enough room for them to write on the inside.

Another option is to make the whole card orange, cuttlebug the front half and the front middle frame, and then add a white matte on the inside. I may do that for the Ridgeview crowd to save them on supplies and make the process a little easier for the residents!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the process! I'm a "go on the fly" type of girl, so it's trial and error. I actually did a bit of snipping to make things fit properly...but you get the just of it.

Now to make 20 more for the Ridgeview residents to put together. I hope they like it!

Here's a bird's eye view of the card showing the outside and inside...and the little Michael's stamp.

Well, thanks so much for visiting again! I love it when you come by and leave a comment. Even if just to say "hi!"

Have a good week everyone!

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