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Sep 9, 2010

What a Wonderful World!!

Today I have another card made by Amanda! If you liked the layers on the last card, you'll love what she's done with this card. I can't imagine all the piece work involved here, but I love it!

You can't see the layers too much in the first photo; hopefully they'll show up a little better in this next photo:

Here's a close up of the little bow and the embossed greeting on the front:

She also did the inside. I love it when the inside of cards are done up...it just finishes them off so nicely!

Amanda also embossed the edge of the card and added some more of the swirls on the inside. I love the way this card turned out!

Thanks again Amanda!

On a personal note: The greeting on this card made me think about this past weekend. I was at Emergency with someone when they wheeled past a young fellow who had been in an accident that night. He and his friends were drinking and driving, and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt--when they hit a cement abuptment at 130 km. an hour!!! He went flying out the front windshield and hit the cement. It was not a pretty sight when they hurriedly wheeled him past to try and save his life. I'm sorry to have to report... that he didn't make it.

So remember...it's only a wonderful world, if you and all your loved ones are in it!

Please don't drink and drive!! Also, while we're on the subject, please don't text while driving either!!

Thank you so much for visiting! It's been incredibly busy around here and I'm trying to get things prepared, and focusing on all the little things that need to get done. Please be patient with me!! Have a wonderful weekend!! =D



  1. The card is just amazing. A lot of creativity went in to it. Great job, Amanda!

    i hear you on the drinking and driving. Everyone should take a tour of the ER on a Saturday night.


  2. So with you on the drinking and driving, also the use of mobile phones, sorry you had to witness the after effects of a few moments lapse in judgement, like you say life is precious and we all want our lives to contain those we love for as long as possible.
    Thanks for sharing the card, Amanda has a gorgeous style, loved all the layering - stunning XXX


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