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Sep 10, 2010

It All Started With A Little Newspaper...

It all started with a little newspaper. I wanted to make a little gift bag and had to use whatever I had on hand, and well...it actually worked out well!

These little gift bags are so quick and easy to make...they're really kind of addictive! Not only that, it made me feel good because they're made using stuff I'd normally be throwing in the recycle bin anyhow. I think they're the perfect little bag to make in a pinch!

This was the first one I made. I doubled on the newspaper, then attached the ribbon with some metallic red brads. The top band is reinforced with cardstock or chipboard. Easy peasy! Then I thought to myself...why stop at newspaper, I'm sure I have some old maps around here somewhere...

I'm kind of wishing I'd used my world map instead...it had more color, but it still turned out okay. For this one I used eyelets to attach the rather drab colored ribbon. Win some, lose some...

Then I thought maybe some music paper would look cool. I have lots of that!

Oops....I photographed the back seam...should have glued it on the inside maybe!

But yes, I'm definitely liking the music paper....here's the inside which was also reinforced with some black cardstock. You could use chipboard for that as well.

I actually made four altogether. I used a Michael's flyer for the last one....after I cut out the coupon. I don't think these will hold anything terribly heavy, but I'm sure a few bars of soap and a card would be just fine!

These were ridiculously easy to make. If there's any interest, I'll throw together a quick photo tutorial so you can make your own.These were 4.25" wide by 3" deep by 5" high.....the map bag was 6" high.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. I love these!! And I'd love to see how you made them. The possibilities are endless!!



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