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Sep 18, 2010

Thailands' Little Beauties

Wanna see something purrrdy??

Sometimes when I am looking around the internet, I find things that are so beautiful, that I just can't keep it to myself! So today I am featuring something that is very beautiful, AND smells wonderful!!

Since I am one of these people that loves to make things, I am perfectly pleased by artisans that are so incredibly talented that it makes me want to jump up and down, clap and yell, YAY! (and if you know me, that's quite a feat!)

This is how I feel about these beautiful carved Soap Flowers!

                                Photo Credits

Yes, believe it or not, that is SOAP!!!

                                Photo Credits

When the locals weren't busy tending to their farms or working in the rice paddies, they would carve pieces of soap into flowers. As they became proficient at their hobby it captured the hearts and open wallets of the tourists.

Apparently the best of these artisans are found in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

                    Photo Credits

Not only can visitors purchase these pieces of art in the market place, they can also watch the artisan while at work.  How cool is that?

And look at those cute little containers they come in! What a great gift!!

I don't think I'd be using this soap unless it were the last piece of soap on the earth....and even then, I may instead choose to look at its' beauty--and sniff it just a little while longer.

Hope you enjoyed your visit today! Thanks for popping by!



  1. These are so pretty, Carmen! How talented the sculptors are! I agree with you, I'd never use it!!


  2. Wow. Unbelievable. I really love them.


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