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Sep 20, 2010

How About a Little Giveaway?

I'm not sure if it's the fumes from all the essential and fragrance oils, or whether it's this much needed rain we've been having...but I feel like a little giveaway.

Here are the requirements:

1) Be a follower of my blog, or my FB page- or both, if you like.
2) Leave a comment in either place that includes these words: "Yummy! Sugar Scrubs"

That's it!

If you win, you will get one 4 oz. pkg of these Solid Sugar Scrubs. Right now I have one called Candy Shoppe, made with white sugar, and another called Amaretto Eggnog, made with brown sugar. You choose.

There will be a winner chosen (randomly) of those who are followers of and comment on my FB page, and a winner of those who are followers of and comment on this post.  Only one entry per page, per person. So that's two entries per person, if you follow and comment on both this post and my FB page.

You know...I think I'll even throw in one of those lovely Green Tea Lemongrass bars of soap!

So, lets see...what's a good deadline....let's make it September 24th at midnight PST.

I'll draw a couple of names sometime Saturday and post them in both places.

Good luck!

Keep your eyes peeled for my soaps and other bath items to show up soon in my etsy shop (which is currently on siesta!) 

If you're local and interested in something, just email me.

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Yummy! Sugar Scrubs

    hehe, that amaretto sounds amazing - I'm looking forward to your etsy shop opening.

  2. What a fabulous giveaway! I can't believe you can make homemade soap, you're such a crafty lady!

  3. I didn't know you made these yummy sugar scrubs!! The white sugar Candy Shoppe looks so pretty and I bet they both smell good!! Can't wait until your Etsy shop reopens!

    I am a follower! :-)


  4. What a great giveaway, Carmen! I left my comment on your FB page since I follow there. Crossing my fingers!

  5. Yummy, sugar scrubs! Can't wait to eat those! (Kidding, of course.) However, they do look good enough to eat.

  6. Hi Carmen
    I found your blog on another site... Mmm! smells so good here, wow!! you cann't believe but when i see you soap pics i feel a good and nice fragance... "Yummy! Sugar Scrubs"


  7. Hi Carmen, it was so good to talk to you at the Mall. What a nice Blog! Very cool... And the giveaway is such a nice touch.


Thanks for the comments!