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Apr 8, 2010

Easel Card for Ridgeview


Life has been so busy lately. Since Christmas, it seems that we have had overnight company every weekend and longer. For a little over a month my son and his wife stayed with us while they made the move from the Island and needed time to find a place of their own and settle in. It just seems the scurrying hasn't stopped though, and along with it my love of crafting has taken a bit of a beating. But...there's only so many hours in a day!

In fact, today I prepared some cards for Ridgeview Extended Care. Really, all I do is cut things up and get them ready to glue or tape together. It's fun to prepare, and even more fun to do it with them. The ladies are quite limited in their abilities, and sometimes that means I do a lot of it for them. In the end, they have a little card they can give away, and they've had a little fun in their day. It's a good thing! So, there's not much to show you today, but I'll include a photo of the card we're making.

These are called Easel Cards since they sit up for display. The middle one is almost complete. The ladies will be stamping the flowers and the sentiments on the front and inside of the card. I'll just draw in the grass for them with a black felt pen.  I'll probably provide some acetate butterflies as they may look nicer. I used different backgrounds for the cards, as I've shown in the photo below.

Here's the inside. The punched edge is what holds the top part of the card in place like an easel. That bottom piece should be attached with pop dots, but I couldn't find mine so I just used dbl sided tape for now. They may have got mixed up with Ridgeview's supplies...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Hey I like those a lot! What beautiful cards!


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