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Dec 6, 2009

Flowers, Butterflies and Dragonflies

Hello Everyone,

I know I'm giving you all the impression that I have nothing better to do than play...but keep in mind that I went shopping, did some laundry, made butter tarts, fudge puddles and dinner in between time. I even remembered to eat some lunch (a cucumber...I love cucumber). Anyhow, here's what I did in my spare time...

I made these sparkle and shine...

Then I had fun making some acetate butterflies....

...I just love these dragonflies and this sparkly butterfly...I was surprised how well they turned out. I like the dragonflies better than the butterflies! Sorry about the picture quality...I really should take more time to do a good job with the photos.

Here is a photo of one of the butterflies I made on a layout.
The actual layout can be found here and here, if you're interested.

I'm just having a little too much fun...in between time...

Thank you for stopping by and see you next time!


  1. OOOO so, so pretty! I like what you do during your in between time!

  2. Carmen,

    Question about glitter paper.... I've made some origami picture frames with this stuff and they are spreading glitter EVERYWHERE! I'm afraid to slip the pictures in. Any thoughts on how to keep the glitter intact without using a glue spray that could mess up the photos? (I'm wondering about hairspray, but maybe there's something better.) Appreciate your craftiness here!

  3. Hi Sue,

    Hairspray may work...I would try it. Alternately you could try Glossy Accents. It can be used as a clear glue, but it also dries to a hard clear finish on top of a project. You'd still get glitter everywhere while you're folding, but it would protect the project once it's finished. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Carmen, These R so pretty!!!
    Thanks 4 the visit, The flowers I used on my GP45 projects I bought in the christmas dept. of a craftstore, I also find them at the dollar tree, they sometimes carry them!
    Anyhoo luv ur music, its so soothing!!!
    Hugs, Toni


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