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May 1, 2018

Metal Tape Card with some tips on how.

Good morning,

I have another card to show you today. This is a personal card I made for my father in law. His birthday is coming up this week. I believe he will be 88. He’s a jolly fellow and an endearing guy. 

I decided to play with my aluminum tape again and see what I could come up with. For at least a few months I was in search of the retired Stampin’ Up Going Global embossing folder. I was about to pull down my posts when someone responded. I got it at a great price and it arrived last week. So this is my first try with it. 

Someone asked me how to do this, so thought I’d share. It’s super simple. All you need to do is pick up some aluminum foil tape from a hardware store. It comes in a good size roll and is usually pretty cheap. 

Cut a piece of cardstock to the size you want (I went with the size of my embossing folder) and then cut a few strips of the tape about a 1/2” larger. Pull the backing off the tape and secure it over the cardstock smoothing it as you place it on and leaving a bit of overhang all around. You’ll have to do three strips for most cards. Then just wrap the overhang around the cardstock. You’re ready for the next step. 

Choose an embossing folder and run the taped cardstock through your cuttlebug/BigShot, or whatever you have. That’s the shiny part done. Now embellish your card from there. 

If you like a grungy look, you can put black acrylic paint over the tape, let it dry and wipe it with a Wet One. This works particularly well with a decorative folder as the black paint stays in the crevices. I’ve used this method with my cogs and gears folder. 

Another method is to smear inka gold here and there over the foil or alcohol inks. Check out the pictures below of some of my old projects using these methods. Also, go on Pinterest and search for ‘metal tape art’or "Metal Foil Art"- you’ll be amazed. 

This was the inside of a card. It is just the metal tape and black acrylic paint. The texture underneath the tape is that adhesive netting.

Here are a couple of frames we did up. I think I had my grandkids and daughter in law with me at the time. This one was done with the inka gold on it as well as different items under and on top of the tape.

You see how you can use different folders with the metal tape and run them through the cuttlebug before you peel the backings off. It's a different look. We used lots of different colors of inka gold on this Malma Mirror.

And these last two are portions of the same card. I can't find the photo of the whole card. Lol. Anyway, this card I used different embossing folders, adhesive netting, gears from old watches, etc. Plus, I used the black acrylic paint, and the inka gold. 

I hope if you haven’t already, you’ll give it a try. Enjoy the process!

Well, I hope the FIL likes his card- 



  1. Oh my gracious Carmen, this is amazing!!! (My Mr brought me extra coffee and chocolate in bed this morning and told me to take a few extra minutes to enjoy your blog! Awwww) - your creations are stunning and I can’t wait to try! I’m going to pick up some foil tape today and who knows, I might get to play this evening! I may not get a card done just yet - but when I do I’ll definately put a link to your blog! Thank you SO much for posting this!

    1. Hi Barb, that’s a great guy you have there! Extra coffee AND chocolate!! My kind of delights for sure! Enjoy playing Barb. It’s a fun medium. I can’t wait to see what you end up making!😊

  2. I have used this technique before, but not with the addition of the paints - I must have a play again

  3. Wow. These are so cool. I have got to get some of that tape now. TFS hugs, Teresa

    1. Thanks Teresa! I was surprised when I looked back and found them on my blog- plus the different ways the tape had been used. Lol...I didn’t even remember!


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